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Undeniably Suspicious Behavior. (Genesis and William)

Genesis remained trapped inside while the sun was out for centuries now and you'd think she'd be used to it already.. She wasn't. She found a thrill in getting to go out every night whether it was to go open shop or head to the nearest store even though she didn't eat. It was just nice getting to go out and be around people. On top of that, once the sunset, she was able to quench her thirst and hunt. Unwilling donors were undoubtedly her favorite and though she could compel them, she loved the…See More

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"Indeed, Sounds like a good Idea, Stick a starter in a forum and I'll reply ASAP"

A pretty face doesn't mean a pretty heart.

                                             I am good, but not an angel..

I do sin, but I am not the devil.

Full name: Genesis Ava Bioré

Nickname(s): Gen, Gene

Alias: Disgrace, Devil's Daughter, Murderer, Deceiver

Age: 30 (looks), 3,056 (actual)

Birthdate / Birthplace: June 19th / London, England, UK

Current Residence: Evermore, Colorado

Location: North-East corner

Accent: English

Known Languages: Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Germen

Species: Blooded Vampire

Rank: Nomad

Occupation: Photographer, Owner of 'Bioré Photography'

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Status: Single

Face Claim: Keira Knightley


Build / Height: Slim / 5'7

Hair color / Eye color: Dark Brown / Dark Brown, red when hungry, feeding, or angered

Distinctive Features: High cheekbones, cigarette between her teeth,

large black rose tattoo on inner right forearm, heart tattoo on

back of neck, 'because I say so' tattoo on waist, belly button piercing 

Cautious | Diligent | Persistent | Devoted
Arrogant | Vindictive | Greedy | Short-tempered


A Vampire having relations with a Lycan was known to be frowned upon in the supernatural community. Yet Lucifer Bioré, the ruthless leader of the Bioré Coven in the UK, couldn’t care less. He had once fallen under the spell of a certain Alpha female, Emmalyn Kavanagh, who’s father had stripped her of the Alpha title upon finding out about her relationship with the Vampire. Strangely enough, she didn’t care like her lover hadn’t. However, his coven knew going against their leader would end terribly so they didn’t question him. The two were very much in love in the beginning but months together turned into years and the one thing Lucifer didn’t want to happen, happened; Emma was pregnant. The Vampire had been under the impression that he couldn’t father children and so the cheating allegations began. From then on, he had gone back to his ruthless ways and treated his once true love as if she was another one of his people without a care in the world.

Soon, their daughter, Genesis Ava Bioré was born and in order to make Emma suffer, he stripped her of her rights as a parent and threw her out of his Coven. She sobbed and begged him to give her their daughter and vowed to never see him again but the Vampire ignored her pleas and kept their infant child, letting her grow up without a mother.

Your mother was a disgrace and now, I see where you get it from.

During her childhood, Genesis would always hear words along those very lines from her father. Anything she tried to do and anything she tried to learn was an automatic fail in her dads eyes. She was simply a mistake to him and he would continue to remind her that every single day because in his eyes, she was a mistake he wished never happened.

As her fangs grew in and began to become visible to the naked eye, her father was forced to keep her locked away until she was able to hide her fangs and control her thirst for human blood which ended up becoming difficult. Though she was locked away, her enhanced hearing caught the sound of blood pumping and veins pulsing and all she’d want to do was suck the humans dry. She’d lost count on the amount of times she’s tried to escape in order to satisfy her needs but her father made sure to never let her out but before she’d go on a rampage, he’d bring her blood in order to calm her for a few hours.

As she remained locked away in her covens castle, Gen learned things on her own. Sun light, for instance, was something she needed to stay away from. Her father had failed to explain things to her and as she opened the curtains to her chamber one morning, she was met with a burning sensation on her skin where a ray of sunshine hit. Hissing in pain, she closed the curtains as quickly as possible and spent the rest of her time in the dark while she was in lock down.

It took time for Genesis to learn a bit of self-control but by the time she did, she was able to leave coven grounds and walk amongst the humans who lived nearby just as the sun set and nighttime graced her and her fellow Vampire companions. She befriended a few of the humans but as years and years went by, she’d be forced to watch them grow old and die. After that, she’d vowed to never friend a mortal again and so her time in the human city of England was cut short. Instead, she stuck to befriending those in her coven.

For centuries, she watched her father work and day by day, she’d grow more and more disgusted by the man. Because of him, she turned into a vindictive being who cared little about those around her. She trained with the little number of friends she had, growing stronger and becoming more familiar with the strength and powers she possessed and so, the plan to kill her father was intact. The one thing that kept her from doing so, however, were the many guards her father had stationed out. With the way he treated everyone, she wasn’t the only person who wanted the man dead.

A handful of time went by before she could finally act of her plans.. She’d tricked her father into believing that she wanted to take over as leader when he retired, something he’s wanted his only child to do, which she was against but lying didn’t hurt anyone.

He’d entered empty garden on Coven grounds one dark and gloomy night and in a blur, she was behind him, ripping his throat out before burning him alive. He was oblivious to her plans which made things easy for her. However, the guards and her fathers people seemed to sense the murder of their leader and were at the scene within seconds after it ended. Gene thought they’d bow down to her, their new leader, but instead, their expressions turned feral and their goal was to take one thing; her life.

Upon realizing the situation she was in and how it wasn’t going her way, she fled with a handful of angry Vampires on her tail. The little amount of friends she had in the coven were on her side and in order to get her to get away, they tricked the coven into believing she ran a completely different way than the way she was actually fleeing to.

For centuries, she went into hiding, moving from home to home until the decision to leave Europe all together and move to America came to mind. There, she came across a city in Colorado named Evermore where she’d open up her own photography industry after realization that holding a camera and snapping a picture was a passion of hers though, little did people know, she was snapping pictures of them and their activities, especially the other supernatural beings around. You'd think it was a weird thing to do but to Genesis, it was a way to keep an eye on them so they wouldn't do anything terrible like scaring the humans of Evermore with their behavior. After all, that was her job. She tended to snap at people way too often..

Just recently, she’d moved into the Vampire faction and had a run in with the King himself. Her mind told her he’d banish her when finding out what she’d done but to her astonishment, he hadn’t. Though that was a relief, Genesis still feared that those hunting her down all those years would eventually find her and end her life like she’d done to their leader. Little did she know, her father was still alive and was planning his vengeance on his daughter.

Lucifer Bioré ~ father sperm donor, blooded vampire, deceased unknown

Emmalyn Kavanagh ~ mother, pure-blooded lycanthrope, deceased

Watching for an Opportunity. (Alexander)

Undeniably Suspicious Behavior. (William)

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At 20:33 on November 15, 2017,
✓ William Lyresten

Indeed, Sounds like a good Idea, Stick a starter in a forum and I'll reply ASAP

At 22:24 on November 14, 2017,
✓ William Lyresten

Well my dear, I'm new to this character so, maybe a casual meeting? The pair find themselves in the same place at the same time and get talking, see if they gel?

Or if you have any Ideas let me know.

W. L.

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At 16:15 on November 14, 2017,
✓ William Lyresten

Of course, Always up for a new RP.

W. L.

Image result for Killian Jones GIF

At 0:15 on November 6, 2017,
✓ Erin Sophia Brix

Thanks for accepting. (:
We could rp sometime, if you'd like to.
~Erin. xox


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