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Love the Lonely, Hug the Hurt, Befriend the Lost, Kiss the Broken

                                            "O’ Great Spirit

Help me to always speak the truth quietly

                           To listen with an open mind when others speak

And to remember the peace that may be found in silence."

~Cherokee Prayer

Nicknames: Fang That is Gentle-Gentle Fang, Walks at Night-Night Walker, Castillo, King, Castle

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Date/place of birth: August 29/Spain

Current place of residence: Evermore City, Vampire Territory

Nationality/Species: Spanish/Blooded Vampire

Occupation: Rogue Hunter/Trouble Spotter

Rank: Mentor of Fledglings

Age: 30-looks, 5900-actual

Gender: Male

Build: Tall, lean, muscled

Hair colour: Dark reddish Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Distinguishing marks: None

Faceclaim: Mario Blanco

Vices: Temperamental | Bloodthirsty | Sarcastic

Virtues: Quick learner | Loyal | Fierce

Parents: Vitorio and Rosa Maria Castillo ~Deceased

Siblings: None

Spouse: None

Current partners: None

Ex partners: None

Friends: Lovino D’Angelo, Auroriana Ravenwood, and many others

Enemies: Enemies of his king are his enemies

Romantic Relationship: Open

Born in Spain, Reyes was the only son of Vitorio and Rosa Maria Castillo.

Naturally quiet and curious, he preferred to spend his time reading in silence in the family library, or practicing with their mute weapons master. His parents never had to worry about him, for while he was reserved and sometimes did not speak for days, he would always do what asked if he understood what it was exactly you wanted of him.

However, growing up, he had at least two cousins with whom he was very close and loved to joke around and to spend time with them. Rodolpho and Sierra were his best friends and they did almost everything together. They trained together as a group and complimented each other very nicely. Sierra was best at daggers, Rodolpho was a fiend with broadswords, and Reyes could out fight anyone with Rapiers and short swords.

When they grew up, they were still friends, but had to part ways. Sierra was getting married, Roldopho had been hired to be a trainer at another Vampire family's house, and Reyes himself wanted to explore for awhile.

Unfortunately, Reyes never saw them again, and he came to the Americas in the late 1400’s when the European countries were beginning to establish colonies there. When he landed, he quickly left everyone and went to explore the country himself. Having a natural talent that enabled him to pick up foreign languages pretty quickly, he interacted with many of the natives who thought him to be a night spirit, due to his inability to walk in the sun. They found him to be very interesting and charming, despite his need for blood.

In time, they came to adopt him as one of their own, naming him Walks at Night, or sometimes called him Fang That is Gentle. he would hunt for them when night came, protect them from other warring tribes and in return they offered him blood.

To this day, he says that the time he spent with the Native Americans was the best. He mourns all of the lost tribes and is still angry at what the first white settlers have done to them over time.

It wasn't until Gideon left the throne to hunt down the one who had betrayed their people that Reyes returned to the survivors, helping them to recuperate. When he felt he was no longer needed, he left to wander again, and during his travels he crossed paths with his king a few times, and he had a healthy respect for him, despite the fact that he had abdicated the throne.

He understood the need to punish the wicked, to harm those who would harm innocents. However, even though Reyes himself had not engaged in the internal war himself, he knew the toll it was taking on their people. He gently, but firmly urged his king to return, as soon as possible. He also made a vow to himself that he would not return to their people until his king did. He was true to his word, following the king right behind.

Since then, he has pledged himself to his king and continues to help where needed. Even if that includes teaching cocky new Vampires respect and humility. His reservedness and naturally quiet demeanor help him to listen out for trouble, unnoticed.

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At 18:39 on December 8, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

I have just finished your reply sorry I have a party tomorrow and was running around getting things together this morning.

At 1:08 on December 8, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

I should be working on replies tonight or tomorrow, Monsieur

At 15:55 on December 6, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Forgive me that it has taken so long Here is our thread:

Friend or Foe?

At 19:24 on December 5, 2017,
✓ Genesis Bioré

No worries! I've replied.

At 1:55 on December 1, 2017,
✓ Genesis Bioré
Well, I have a code for the pictures if you want it. The font headers are from a site everyone uses. The scroll box for the bio is actually from the site owner and everything else is just centered and in italics.
I can send you the codes through inbox if you want?
At 1:00 on December 1, 2017,
✓ Genesis Bioré

The pictures or the font? 

And, it's alright! I'm replying right now.

At 0:45 on November 29, 2017,
✓ Genesis Bioré

Great, thank you. Looking forward to it!

At 0:34 on November 28, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Well maybe they could meet in the woods and he could think she is hunting him when she thinks he is out to hurt her, as a case they think each other are the enemies and they are not.

At 23:54 on November 27, 2017,
✓ Genesis Bioré
The first one works. I don't know what Genesis would be doing in a dojo.
Maybe one or both are hungry and looking for their next meal late at night and they stumble upon one and other?
You wouldn't mind typing up the forum, would you? x
At 13:16 on November 24, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Well I am trying to think of some ideas but first can you tell me a bit about your character?


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