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Duty Calls (Open, to Sariah in particular)

Started on Sunday 0 Replies

Damian couldn't believe how fast the week end seemed to pass by lately, he would spend most of the time either catching up on some much needed sleep or watching all things Marvel/DC. He was really…Continue


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Duty Calls (Open, to Sariah in particular)

Damian couldn't believe how fast the week end seemed to pass by lately, he would spend most of the time either catching up on some much needed sleep or watching all things Marvel/DC. He was really into the superhero stuff despite most of them being supernatural themed. Today he wasn't on patrol, instead he would be guarding an important asset of the Organisation, her name; Sariah Holloway. She was from what he heard a very dedicated, intelligent member of the Org who was spoken highly of. He…See More

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Name: Damian Davies
Age: 22
Species: Human
Face Claim: Tom Holland
Supernatural Status: Member of the organization
Organization Status: Member of the fighter department
Organization Technology: Supernatural Detection & Tracking Device, Diamond Edged Weapon, Automated Health Device

Damian was born to a single mother, who adored him from the moment she laid her eyes upon him, however having to play both Mom & Dad was a struggle for her. His Mother worked alongside his Grandmother who also helped provide for Damian. His Grandfather, though distant from the family was also very much involved in Damian's life & would provide for him wherever needed, mostly financially. He had a pretty ordinary upbringing, never wanting for anything he didn't feel any missing piece from his deadbeat Father which was a testament to his Mother's love. As a young boy at private school, Damian had pretty good grades though he wasn't all that popular with his peers, but that was by choice; Being an only child he actually enjoyed his own company. At the young age of Twelve, Damian found his world shatter around him as he got called into the Headmasters office. He can remember that day like it was yesterday, the day he was told his Mother had passed suddenly due to an illness she had contracted.

The authorities were at a loss as to what to do with Damian as both his Grandmother & Grandfather were hesitant to take on the young boy full time, though they loved him so they were in their older years & would struggle to raise him. Unexpectedly, the authorities had contacted a family member who Damian hadn't actually met before, his estranged Aunt. Lena surprisingly to all actually took him on, though she was reluctant about it. Damian wasn't too keen himself, not only had he just lost his Mother, he found both his Grandparents unwilling to take him in & now he would be living with a stranger, yes she was his Aunt but she was a stranger never the less.

At first they got off to a rocky start, Damian would act out & his grades were beginning to plummet now he had been transferred to a new public school in Evermore. Lena wasn't the most supportive, doting Aunt at first which didn't help. But when Damian turned Fourteen he had stolen a bottle of vodka from Lena, gotten drunk & tried to kill himself. This was the start of a better life for him. He woke up in hospital with a drip attached to him, Lena sitting by his bed holding his hand, that day she vowed to provide for him, to protect him but most of all to love him like he was her own. She received legal documents to adopt Damian as her son & over the months things improved; They bonded & as a result he began to improve in school again.

Upon turning Eighteen after attending a party, Damian was caught kissing another guy from his school, word got out that he was gay & this eventually led to him dropping any hopes of going to College. Instead he used his Aunt Lena's influence on the Privy Council to join the Organisation, something he'd learnt about over the years of living with Lena. She of course wasn't too happy about him joining, especially being that he was now approved into the Fighter Department. What followed for him however was no easy road, he couldn't have predicted just how gruelling & difficult it would be. Being pushed to his limit & beyond, there was many times he just wanted to quit but his peers & teachers wouldn't allow him, 'No Man Gets Left Behind' had been drilled into them, they were a unit, incomplete without one another. By the time he graduated from trainee & into a fully fledged member of the Fighter Department, he was a proud agent. But no measurement of pride could compete with that of his doting Aunt's, she had never felt such pride & joy as she had upon his graduation at the young age of Twenty-Two.

✓ Determined ✓ Considerate ✓ Team Player.

X Self-Doubt X Needs Assurance X Looks For Approval.

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