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A vengeful glance [Clarissa and Carmen]

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The whole reason Carmen O’Farrell had arrived in…Continue


“Because love is dangerous. It weakens … It rots. It destroys order. And without order, what is left? Chaos.”

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We all have souls of different ages.

Name: Svetlana Vasilyev
Face claim: Megan Fox
Age: Visually 28 - Actually 31
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date/place of birth: 13th February 1962
Current place of resisdence: Nephilim territory
Nationality/Species: Nephilim
Occupation: Councillor for Cornelia Bradford
Relationship: Single

: 5'7" and feminine
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Oceanic blue
Distinguishing marks: Bright eyes

Family: All dead

Positive: Loyal, Protective, Intuitive
Negative: Volatile, Cocky, Closed off


To fathom the history of any individual is a daring feat, to say the least, to attempt to conjure up any form of linear events that lead up to and establish their current persona is impossible. Yet, for someone like Svetlana Vasilyev, it seems beyond impossible to describe. To journey into the depths of history and retell the tale of Svetlana is a path of family, love, hardship, secrecy and of course, pain, physical and emotional. We start in the year 1986, the month of December, in the city of Volgograd, Russia; A woman of 41 was giving birth to a beautiful young girl, who would be named Svetlana.

Unfortunately for the Vasilyev family, shortly after delivering her daughter, the woman would soon die of natural causes due to her age, bad health and the strain of childbirth. This, along with her father being involved in the Russian military, made for a lonely upbringing. Having no older siblings resulted in Svetlana spending most of her time with the nanny her father had hired, her name was Galina. Svetlana’s father only came home after dinner, that was after he left before breakfast in the mornings, despite this she still loved him, idolised him even. The bond between Father and Daughter practically unbreakable, but that never stopped her from creating a bond between Galina and herself.

However, there is something Svetlanas father never told her, who their family really is, what they really are. Her father was indeed in the military, but not your traditional run of the mill Russian military, her father was a General in the Nephilim Army of Russia. Svetlana grew up without an ounce of knowledge about this, her father keeping it from her for reasons unknown. This secret would eventually turn into her father's biggest mistake. One day, when Svetlana stood waiting for Galina to pick her up from school, a dark van rolled up onto the sidewalk, almost cleaning up the young girl, half a dozen masked men flooded out of the van, forcing the teenager inside.

All she could do was hope, pray that whoever these people were, wouldn’t hurt her. It didn’t take long for the van full of men to take off, duct tape the girls mouth shut and put a blinding bag over her head. They drove for what felt like hours, by the time they arrived at wherever the hell they were, it was pitch black outside, the moon casting a gloomy grey over the area. Svetlana was pulled from the van, practically carried from the door by her arms, her legs dangling hopelessly, her struggling having ended about an hour ago. Left.. Right.. Right.. Left.. Right.. Left.. She listed their movements mentally, just in case she did get a chance to get out of whatever this was, she needed to know the way out. It was the little things that you pick up from living in a military household that count.

Finally, they came to a stop, but it was only moments that she had to think before she felt her body being lifted, then her back connecting with a cold stone surface, a splintering pain coursing through her. She was positive that these people had broken a rib. Very quickly a pair of chains had been shackled to her wrists and ankles, the chains tightening as unknown persons seemingly locked them to the base of the stone surface, which turned out to be something of a table. There were murmurs around her, all in thick Russian accents,

In a flash the bag over her head was pulled away, revealing a blinding light, causing her to snap her eyes shut just to shield herself from it. After several moments, when her eyes had adjusted to the new level of light, Svetlana opened her eyes, her sky blue orbs meeting with those reflecting a bright emerald hue, “Svetlana, isn’t it?”, the woman said, her emerald eyes flashing to a hazel colour. The young girl said nothing, due to the fear running through her veins, as well as the duct tape still firmly keeping her lips sealed.

With a cruel, high pitched laugh the woman leaned forward with her slender fingers and with a single pull she ripped the tape from Svetlana’s face, followed by a high pitched squeal from the girl herself. “Svetlana Vasilyev, daughter of Dmitriy Vasilyev and Valentina Vasilyev, yes?”, the woman asked, her hazel gaze piercing into Svetlana’s. Silence loomed in the room, which the young girl only started paying attention to, seeing there to be no windows, ventilation, or any natural light at all. The only thing in the room appearing to be the stone tablet that Sletvana had been chained to, disregarding the prison styled doorway, consisting of steel poles and a door to match.

Suddenly, while she was quietly taking in her surroundings, Svetlana felt a hard blow against the side of her face, the woman towering above her having given her a hefty slap, “SVETLANA”, she bellowed, before shortly quieting down, her eyes seemingly flashing back to their emerald shade for a moment as they held previously, “You are Svetlana Vasilyev?”, she repeated. “Y-Yes, I am!”, Svetlana responded quickly, keen to avoid another slap. In response to this, the woman merely smirked, the red locks of hair bouncing some as she stood up straight again, “Good, I am glad to hear it, now we can get started…”. What came next for the teenager was that of nightmares.

Svetlana spent years in that place, only moving from the room twice a day to eat and empty her bladder and bowels, every other second of each day she spent it strapped to that stone table, the same red haired woman greeting her in the mornings. It did not take long for Svetlana to realize that these people were not people at all, but something else entirely, beings with the ability to manipulate and create fire at will. Every day she endured interrogation and torture of all shapes and forms. From blades to water boarding to using the fire that these people could produce in imaginative ways, like forcing Svetlana to swallow some, for example.

It was as if these things had no ears, each and every day she was asked about her father, his work and things called Nephilims. Of course, being the teenager that she was, she had little to no information about her father’s work in the military, let alone branch of it dedicated to Nephilims. On top of that, she was somehow fine after each day, all the wounds and burn marks would heal overnight, her body completely scar free the next morning. Years of this brutal treatment caused something inside of Svetlana to grow, a passion for hate, a dark feeling she never thought of having before now. This hate was mainly for her captors, but deep down she held the same feelings for her father. Where was he? Why hadn’t he found her? Was he ever going to bother looking?

One day the red head woman woke Svetlana up with a rather sinister looking smirk covering her visage, “Good news blondie”, the red head spoke, “Daddy sends his regards”. These words sparked the immediate attention from Svetlana, her blue orbs darting to the woman she would usually ignore until the torture began, “M-My dad?”, she asked timidly, her voice shaking, her thoughts moving to the worst possibilities, “D-Don’t hurt him!”. The same cruel laugh she heard upon first arriving her echoed through the stone chamber, the red head simply beaming at Svetlanas begging, “You’re a little late for the party, we sent out a strike team early this morning, the details aren’t important, the important part is that we found your father scouting out our little base of operations we have here, no doubt looking for you, so burnt him alive”

The womans words set off a chain of explosive emotions inside of the young girl, tears streaming down her pale cheeks, her teeth bared in rage, hate, but most of all, sorrow. It all happened so quickly, the chains snapped with ease as Svetlana pulled against them, quickly sitting up and grabbing the still laughing redhead by her throat. The laughter stopped as her hands clamped down upon her neck, cutting off her airways. “This is for my dad, this is for my dad, this is for my dad!”, she repeated, all sense leaving her as rage took over her body. The redhead woman attempted to resist by pushing against Svetlana, her hands now bursting with emerald flames, scorching the blondes ragged clothing and after that, her pale stomach.

The pain of the flames barely compared to the pain she felt for the loss of her father, her hands only gripping tighter on the womans neck in response to her resistance, the force of her choke breaking the bones in her neck before she could die from suffocation. After she had successfully murdered the woman, not truly realising her actions as of yet, Svetlana fled from the room, simply kicking in the padlocked door and heading down the hallway. With every turn she made she came across more Phoenix’s, Vampires, Therians and even a few Shapeshifters, all facing their deathly fates before having any time to react to Svetlanas appearance. As it turns out, it was something of a rebellion consisting of many different species. And so she went on, killing with brute force anyone that got in her way.

After escaping, leaving a several dozen bodies in her wake, Svetlana decided to firstly confirm that her father was indeed deceased, finding newspaper articles and eventually she even attended his funeral, at a distance, not wanting anyone to know she was alive. Second, she feld, not just the city but the country. She got on the first flight to anywhere. Svetlana was 15 when she was abducted, now she left the country as an 18 year old woman, attempting to voyage the world alone.

Her journey was not without its ups and downs of course; Between meeting people like herself, learning more about what she was, learning to accept her past and embrace her future. Along the way she found friends, became close to people that she would almost consider her extended family, were it not for the way that all these connections ended. Sooner or later tragedy would always strike when the supernatural are present, this caused a domino effect with the way that Svetlana spent her time, often moving place to place without being able to stay for longer than a few weeks.

Eventually, while trekking through the SanJuan Mountains, Svetlana found someone that could finally point her in the direction of her forever home. This person turned out to be one of the same beings that kidnapped her years ago, a Phoenix. It was a strange irony that the same species that ended her previous life would ignite her next. This place that she was told about turned out to be a city, Evermore. After Svetlana travelled to this city, which as she had been told was a haven for the supernatural, she quickly sought out people like herself, which she had learnt were called Nephilim’s.

Svetlana quickly found her place in the Nephilim community, the Ambassador of which even helped her acquire a position in the Government. After getting the opportunity to work as a government official, she soon had the bright idea to use it to her advantage, wiping her official record clean so she could become the woman her father always knew she could be. After spending years in Evermore, spending a lot of that time by giving valuable information and advice she had gained through her life experiences to the Nephilim Ambassador for giving Svetlana a home, it was the least she could do after all. In return for her help, the Ambassador rewarded her with an official position within the faction; A Councillor. After everything Svetlana had been through she had finally found a place where she was accepted, a place to call home.

But, it was not all smooth sailing however. Over the years, since her abduction, Svetlana would experience nightmares of her traumatic experience, she would relive all the awful things that happened to her, but what plagued her existence more so were her own actions. She slaughtered dozens of people without even considering the backlash her actions would have on her own mental health. On top of the emotional scarring her past has left upon her, there was something else looming over her head in relation to what she had done.

While working like any other day, Svetlana came across some files hidden deep in the government's filing system, electronically, yet she could not simply erase it like she had with the rest of her past, the logs show that this file was constantly being accessed, added to and it had already been copied to external sources. The information inside was a compilation of evidence the size of Everest, images, videos and witness accounts of everything that happened inside the compound that Svetlana had been held captive as a child. The only detail of the massacre that was missing was the most vital, Svetlana’s presence. Whoever was conducting this investigation knew about the supernatural, but they did not know about Svetlana, so it was only a matter of time before they uncovered who killed all those people, all those years ago.

Stay tuned. 

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