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Meeting An Angel At The Cemetery (Cornelia & Krystal)

As the sun rose over the city of Evermore, Krystal was wide awake watching the sunrise. She had already made her return to the living public, and in the process had met with an unfamiliar face and a potential new friend. However today was meant to be a more serious day. After her morning…See More
Nov 12

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"Hey Aisling, I have finally replied to the rp :) I'd like to apologize for the length of time to write my reply though. It took much longer to get that reply up than I had hoped for. I shall try my best to have speedier replies for you in the…"
Nov 5

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"After eating a hearty breakfast, Krystal began preparations for her morning perimeter check. Whenever she would transform into her White Tiger form she would go into her adjoined garage, which provided ample covering to keep her hidden from prying…"
Nov 5

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"Your soul may be pure.... Too bad it's stuck inside a devious shell :P #Krystal :P"
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"It's not bright It's white and pure like my sweet innocent soul"
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"That's what you get when you don't refresh :P P.S. Your page is too bright xD #Krystal :P"
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"Seems did do up your page and I never refreshed.... Oops"
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Name: Krystal Kang

Nickname: Krys

Age: Looks: 23 | Actual: 28

Birthdate: June 29, 1990

Birthplace: Evermore, Colorado

Current Residence: Evermore, Colorado

Occupation: Security

Relationship Status: Single

Species: Therianthrope - Ailuranthrope

Rank & Animal: Alpha - White Tiger


Physical Appearance


Height: 5’6”

Weight: 103 lbs

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Therianthrope Tattoo, Human Organization Tattoo

Face Claim: Bae Suzy


The Personality


Positive: Courageous | Disciplined | Loyal | Protective | Trusting | Caring

Negative: Assertive | Childish | Opportunistic


The History


The wonderful noise of a newborn’s crying filled the delivery room, followed by the doctor telling the young couple it’s a girl. The couple had decided to keep the gender of a baby a secret until the day of the delivery. As the mother, Rachel, held out her arms for the baby, the nurse passed her the bundle of joy wrapped in a bright pink blanket. When the doctor asked if they had chosen a name for the baby, they looked at each other, and then back to the doctor, “Krystal Kang” they spoke with synchronicity. When it came time for the nurse to take the child to the wing for newborns, they told Rachel that she should get some rest. Her fiancé, Andrew, agreed with the nurse, and told her that he’d stay right there with her all night. So Rachel did as she was told, and laid down to get some rest.


A few days later, after all the checkups to make sure everything was okay, Andrew and Rachel took baby Krystal home. Growing up in the Kang household was an interesting experience for the young Krystal. Her father worked from eight in the morning to roughly four in the evening, and her mother would be gone out of the house from seven in the morning to nine in the evening. Her father didn’t even know where she went to at that time, mostly due to the fact that she never talked about her work. Whatever she was doing though, seemed to produce a fair amount of money. Krystal was left with a nanny while her father was at work, and then she would spend the remainder of the day with her father, her mother making it home time enough to put her down for her nap.


The older that she got, the closer she grew to her father, and the further she grew from her mother. She had grown into a Daddy’s Little Girl, and became more dependent upon him than her mother. How could she depend on someone who would never be there. When the time came for her to start school, her mother would still be gone all day, while her father called to work and said that he’d be late cause he was taking his daughter to her first day of school. After her first day of school, Krystal began going to her father’s place of work when school was through, and wait for him to go home together. It was then that she began to learn more about her father’s job, and the existence of the supernatural in Evermore.


Krystal became quite the knowledge seeker as she grew older. She was overly intrigued by the city of Evermore, and studied more about its history, as well as the presence of the supernatural within the city. The more she read, the more she wanted to meet them. Reading about the supernatural was one thing, but meeting them in person was another thing entirely. Her father told her that she was too young to meet them just yet, but with time, he would introduce her to some of the species within the city limits of Evermore. When she turned ten years old, she told her father there was only one birthday present she wanted from him. When he asked what it was, she told him that she wanted to train under him like the people he taught at the organization.


Her father looked at her with a serious face, and told her that if he trained her, he would have to be tough on her. He also told her that he would probably be harder on her than the other trainees because she is his daughter. Krystal shook her head slightly and told him that she didn’t care about that, and she wouldn’t want to receive special treatment. As for training her harder than the others, she told him she didn’t mind that either, she wanted to be able to protect herself no matter who or what stood in her path. With that, an agreement was made in which he would train her personally.


Training with her father showed the young Krystal a whole new side to her father separate from the kind and gentle person she knew at home. He was very tough on her, and pushed her to her limits and beyond. He had been called out on it by his superiors, but Krystal told them that she didn’t want him to be easy on her. She wanted him to keep training her like he was, and they allowed him, but only under supervision. They both agreed to the terms, and continued their rigorous training. By the time they got home, Krystal’s energy was very low, and she felt as though she would fall asleep. Her father wouldn’t let her fall asleep though, telling her that pushing her past her limits would increase her stamina over time. Even though he was a tough teacher, he was still the same kind and gentle father she had always known. After they had their supper, her father would take her out for ice cream, for a job well done.


Her training had caused some trouble over for her father however. At the age of twelve, Krystal was in the schoolyard of the private school she attended, when a boy tripped in his shoelaces and he fell forward into her. His hands landed upon her chest, she gasped, and her hand flew into his face, breaking the boy’s nose. When she was brought to the principal's office, her father was there waiting and she had to try and explain what happened. Although she was touched inappropriately, the principal saw that as nothing more than an accident, whereas his broken nose was not. Krystal was suspended for three weeks, and was forced to write an apology letter to the boy who’s nose she broke. During those three weeks, her father refused to train her any further. He didn’t want her to hurt innocent people with the skills she learned.


The following year, Krystal had her first fleeting love. She knew that her father would not approve of a boy unless he met him, so after school the boy agreed to meet her at her house to meet her father. When the boy arrived at her house, her father asked her to go get everyone a soda from the fridge, while he spoke to the boy. She’s not entirely sure what her father had said to him, but when she came back into the living room, the boy jumped off the couch and ran out of the house crying, a wet spot in his pants and she was sure he must’ve pissed his pants. When she questioned her father, he wouldn’t tell her. After that, she became rebellious towards her father. Staying out late, sneaking out at night, anything she could to get back at him.


With age, Krystal became stronger and wiser, her training ever continuing, but she also grew in rebellious behaviour as well. While she did listen to him when it came to her training, Krystal wouldn’t listen to him as his daughter until he gave her an explanation as to what happened that night she brought the boy home. While she did want to keep her boyfriends a secret from her father, there was always a part of her that wouldn’t be able to fully accept them as her boyfriend without her father’s approval. When she was in her teens, around the age of sixteen, Krystal began trying out alcohol. She didn’t really bother with the whole smoking side of rebellion, but alcohol was just another way to get back at her father. It burned her throat at first, mostly because she wasn’t used to it, but also because her friend had given her a stronger alcoholic beverage. One night Krystal snuck out of the house, and went to a party at one of the ‘cool kids’ houses. She wasn’t exactly invited, but the worst they could do was turn her down and not let her in right?


When she arrived at the party, she was welcomed into the house with no hesitation. Apparently she had raised in ‘cool kid’ status when she began drinking alcohol, and that helped her get into the party without a hitch. As the hours passed by, Krystal began getting drunk, until she collapsed on one of the beds upstairs. As if getting drunk at a stranger’s house wasn’t bad enough, while she was passed out, one of the boys at the party thought it would be fun to mess around with her. Waking up a little groggy at first, she felt someone’s hand inside the waistband of her pants and underwear touching her. Bad for him, because she decided to teach that guy a lesson and used the training she received from her father to break the guy’s arm in two places. She then left the party and proceeded to walk home, only making it about a hundred feet from the house before calling her father. He wasn’t too pleased about her being drunk, or the fact she broke a guy’s arm, but he was happy that she had called him.


Graduation Day. Every student’s finest moment, and Krystal was no different. She had scholarships lined up for some of the most prestigious colleges, and yet she had turned them all down. Krystal knew what she wanted to do, she just had to convince her father that she was ready. Just like her entire childhood, her mother never showed for her graduation, just left her a bank card with a large sum of money in it. As if money would change the fact that she wasn’t around for any of her childhood. Her father however bought Krystal her first car, and she was overjoyed when he gave her the keys. The bond they had, had grown stronger after the party incident, and they were back to being each other’s favorite person. After the graduation ceremony, Krystal asked her father if she could join the organization he worked for, but all he told her was that he didn’t make that decision. He also told her that he didn’t want her to join, and the only way she would get his approval, was to surpass him in his training. He was preparing her for the day that she took over his position.


Her mother disappeared without a trace, the day of her graduation. Like clockwork she had always gotten home at precisely nine o’clock in the evening, but that day she didn’t return. Two weeks passed and she still hadn’t come home, and surprisingly enough, Krystal felt saddened by her mother’s disappearance, as if a piece of her was gone as well. Despite her mother not being there for her throughout her childhood, her presence alone was missed dearly. Eventually the search for her mother was called off, and all that they could do was move on with their lives, no matter how painful that would be. By the age of twenty, Krystal had risen to the top of her father’s self-defense classes, and had gained black belts in various forms of self defense, but she was still unable to beat her father just yet. It seemed as though she would need more time and practice.


Krystal’s patience had finally paid off at the age of twenty-one. She had challenged her father in front of everyone, and thanks to all of her training, practice, and patience, she was able to beat her father. She had successfully surpassed her father, and he felt nothing but pride when she beat him. He had done his job well, and he congratulated her on a job well done. With that, he took her to see the head of the organization and gave his stamp of approval for her to join them. That was one of the happiest moments of her life and she thanked her father for training her so hard. Her father told her that he had been so tough on her, because one day he wanted her to take over his position as the master of his classes, and that day was now. As she was accepted into the organization, her father handed in his resignation as well as his letter of recommendation that she become the teacher of new recruits. She told him that she wouldn’t let him down, and that he would be her motivation to do great.


Three years later, Krystal’s mother resurfaced back in Evermore City. When they questioned where she was, and what was going on, all she said was that everything would soon end and she would be free. Neither of them understood what she was talking about, they were just glad that she was still alive. The same night that she had returned, disaster struck the city of Evermore. A massacre of massive proportions took place in the city, causing a lot of death and mayhem among the citizens of the city. Her mother used the disaster of the massacre to cover up her true motives. That night her mother had killed her father, making it look as though an animal had attacked him, after which she took her own life in a similar manner.  After witnessing such horror, Krystal fled into the city with tear filled eyes, looking for anything to take out her anger and pain on.


In an alley, she saw some form of jungle cat cornering a young couple. Furious and in pain of watching her mother turn on her father, she attacked the jungle cat giving the couple time to escape. What she didn’t know, was that the jungle cat she had attacked was in fact protecting the couple from another, larger, jungle cat. After wounding the one she attacked, she was attacked from behind and dragged through the streets of Evermore by her ankle. They hadn’t got very far from the alley before her head was smacked against an empty trash bin, knocking her unconscious. If the trash bin had been full or even half full, she would have most likely been killed by blunt force trauma.


When she finally woke up, Krystal found herself in some kind of cabin deep in the Evermore woods, her body free of any wounds which was impossible by any normal means. She knew that there was no way that she could have been attacked by an animal, dragged through the streets, and most likely the woods, without even so much as a scratch to show for it. In that moment, she knew that the animal that had attacked her must have been a shapeshifting Therianthrope, and somehow she must have been turned by whatever attacked her. She had done research on the Therianthropes when she was younger and quite recently, but the knowledge she had wasn’t going to be enough to help her through this new, unwanted life change. Once the shock had worn off, she knew that if she was going to make it through without killing any innocent people, she was going to have to seek out the assistance of the Therianthrope Ambassador, a male by the name of Orion Valkyrie.


The now twenty-three year old, almost twenty-four, set out for the Therianthrope faction; her only issue was not knowing exactly where she was. She wandered the woods for nearly four hours before finally finding the Therianthrope faction, and now that she knew where she was, she went to see the ambassador about her new-found status as a Therianthrope. She also needed to find out more about what she had become and to ask them for their assistance in helping her adjust to becoming whatever she was becoming. To say that she wasn’t of this new change would have been a lie, she was terrified of the change, and worried constantly about hurting innocent people. When she met with Orion, he didn’t seem very pleased with finding out an innocent civilian of the city had been turned during the massacre, and he had agreed to help her through this difficult time.


When he had agreed to help her, she also pleaded with him not to mention her whereabouts to anyone outside of the Therianthrope community. When he asked why she didn’t want anyone to know of her whereabouts, she explained to him that she had been part of the human faction’s organization, and that they might not take too kindly to one of their own being turned by a Therian. She also told him that she felt the more people that knew of her whereabouts, the higher the danger was of her hurting someone when she changed. Through Orion’s assistance, she was able to find out that it was in fact an Ailuranthrope had attacked her, and she was most likely turned into one of those. That also meant that her animal form wouldn’t be known until her first transformation under the full moon. On the night of the first full moon since the event, Krystal finally found out her Ailuranthrope form, a white tiger, or snow tiger depending upon your preference.


For the next three years she trained hard with Orion to gain control over the change, as well as remain in control when in her tiger form. The first night she had changed, it was as if she was asleep at the wheel, and nearly harmed an innocent person. If it wasn’t for Orion, she probably would have harmed them, or even killed them. Her father’s self defense lessons seem like such a cakewalk compared to her current challenge of learning control. It was definitely proving to be very difficult, but Krystal was anything but a quitter. She knew that with practice and time she would be able to control the animal within her. With each passing change, her body seemed to create its own tolerance to the excruciating pain that came with the change, causing the changes to become slightly less painful.


After learning to successfully control the animal within, Krystal had joined Orion’s roster for his security firm. The skills she learned in the organization making her more than qualified to be part of his roster. Orion was quite understanding when it came to her past though, and he told her that he wouldn’t make her run security outside of the Therianthrope faction until she decided that she was ready to do so. Taking a backseat wasn’t exactly her forte, but she didn’t feel ready yet for people to know she was still alive. Therefore, most times she was passed over for security jobs. Most days she would just be out checking the perimeter of the Therianthrope community in her white tiger form.


One day, she heard a news report that the search for Krystal Kang had been finally given up on, and that her parent’s funds would be donated to various charities. Krystal couldn’t let them get rid of the only thing she had left of her parents. She had attended their funeral, but only from a distance, and couldn’t even grieve properly because of that. So she decided to make herself known to the right people, so that she would gain her inheritance. She would of course still donate a portion of the funds to charity so that her parents money could hopefully do some good, though she didn’t expect it to be very much. Her father’s job wasn’t exactly paying a ton of money, and she barely ever saw her mother, so she figured that she hadn’t even done any work. Keeping herself hidden from the right people, she contacted the person currently in control of her parent’s money and belongings. Proving she was still alive, as well as proof that she was in fact who she said she was, everything that her parents had, was available to her.


When she was given the amount of money that was left to her, she had been more shocked than the day she was turned into an Ailuranthrope. The amount was extensive, and the majority of it belonged to her mother. Her mother had never told her what she did, but to have such an amount of money, she figured that it couldn’t have been very legal. Donating ten million dollars to various charities, she still had more than enough to be set for life if she didn’t want to work. Krystal wasn’t exactly one for sitting around though, and looked forward to working hard for her own money. Using her inheritance, Krystal bought a house in the Therianthrope faction, and was kind enough to repay Orion everything. She had kept track of everything he had helped her out with, and made a bill in secret, making a silent promise that she would pay him back one day. Despite having accepted her new life as an Ailuranthrope, Krystal still didn’t feel ready to make herself known to her past colleagues in the organization.


Recently there was a change within the Ailuranthrope pack of Evermore. Apparently the Alpha of the pack had left Evermore and took some of the other Ailuranthropes with him, while leaving others behind. She grew concerned about her beta status now, as well as the beta status of the others left behind, that there was no Alpha. Would that mean those left behind had become Omegas? She decided that after she did her full moon perimeter check, she would visit Orion and talk to him about her concerns, maybe he might even have an opinion about what they could do. While out prowling around the perimeter of the Therianthrope territory, she heard gunshots echoing through the woods and immediately she ran towards them.


When she came upon the source of the gunfire, she saw another Ailuranthrope cornered against the rocks, dead to rights in the male’s sight. Instinctively she ran towards the other Ailuranthrope, putting herself between them and the bullet just as the trigger was pulled, the bullet going into her side and lodging itself there. While she figured that she would probably die, she turned to face the hunter and roared loudly, showing that she wasn’t backing down. Krystal must’ve instilled fear into the male because he dropped the gun and ran off through the woods. Before the moon had even set, her transformation dropped and she writhed on the ground in agony before blacking out. The bullet had been laced with wolfsbane, and it was currently lodged within her side.


The Ailuranthrope that she had saved, carried her back to the Therian territory on their back and left her in the care of Orion. He had to work quick, and he went into her side to dig out the bullet that was lodged in there. As long as it remained in her, she wouldn’t be able to heal as fast, and would most likely bleed out before then. While Orion nursed her back to health, the Ailuranthrope that she had saved had been telling the others of her bravery, courage, and selflessness. As the time passed, Orion took notice of Krystal’s eyes changing colors. It changed from her normal light brown, to a beta pale blue, to an alpha pale green. The more time that passed by as she fought off the poison of the wolfsbane, the longer the intervals came for the alpha pale green eyes, until the pale blue of the beta was no longer.


By the time the poisoning of the wolfsbane bullet had subsided, Krystal had already been chosen as the Alpha. Orion told her that he figured in a time with no alpha, her selfless act of bravery just now had caused the pack to choose her as their new alpha. Although she hadn’t asked for that title, she would do her best to be a good alpha towards the pack, and always put them first. With such a heavy title and burden to bare now, she decided that it was time to bring herself back into the world, and make herself known to everyone. If she was going to be the Alpha of the Ailuranthropes, she couldn’t let her fears keep her from re-entering the city and exposing the truth that she was still alive. Especially after such an act of bravery that allowed her to be chosen.

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It's not bright

It's white and pure like my sweet innocent soul

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Seems did do up your page and I never refreshed....


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Hey Krystal,

Thanks for adding me, I just wanted to say that I hope we can RP together in the near future. x3

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