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"Hey love, I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you. I’d love to rp with you! - Rachel"
Dec 7

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✓ Alise Wilmington replied to ✓ Erin Sophia Brix's discussion Save Me, Maybe? [Erin Brix and Alise Wilmington]
"Alise smiled at her as she heard her soft giggle; she had to admit she was rather cute looking too. She had always been attracted to girls ever since she was in high school although she didn't flaunt her sexuality. ''Alright,…"
Nov 29

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"Siobhan had been in the city a few months now and she was adjusting slowly, but living with Isaac helped. She stood next to him as they entered the carnival, he promised her up and down that it would be tones of fun, but as she looked up to the…"
Nov 27

✓ Alise Wilmington replied to ✓ Erin Sophia Brix's discussion Save Me, Maybe? [Erin Brix and Alise Wilmington]
"Alise had finished performing with Erin and the crowd continued to cheer as they left the stage, the crew collecting all of Erin's instruments and equipment. She headed backstage with Erin and placed her guitar near her own make up stand, she…"
Nov 27

✓ Alise Wilmington replied to ✓ Erin Sophia Brix's discussion Save Me, Maybe? [Erin Brix and Alise Wilmington]
"Alise shrugged and smiled sheepishly, ''I might as well help out since you seemed to be struggling.'' She said, playing it off cool. She chuckled softly at her reaction, nodding her head. ''All good Erin, I don't…"
Nov 27

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Exploring the City (Open to Siobhan and Alise only)

The sun was slowly setting behind the tall buildings of Evermore City, the various colors shone around the sky above the beautiful city. The buildings weren't flicking on their lights as the sun went down, she liked exploring better at night because the sun was too harsh for her skin. She would get severe burns if she ever walked in the midday sun, the morning sun was…See More
Nov 26

✓ Alise Wilmington replied to ✓ Erin Sophia Brix's discussion Save Me, Maybe? [Erin Brix and Alise Wilmington]
"Alise was at the music festival that was held in town, she was excited for it because she hasn't performed ever since she was attacked on the night she performed on her birthday. She was playing solo with her piano after Erin played her own…"
Nov 26

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"Hello! Thank you for the friend request. I hope we can roleplay because I haven't roleplayed with anyone yet!  ~Alise "
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"We can throw ideas around :D"
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"I would love to start a role play with ya :) any ideas?"
Nov 19

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"Hello, Gideon. Thank you very much for accepting my role and I hope that someday we could roleplay soon.  ~Alise. "
Nov 19

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Exploring the City (Open to Siobhan and Alise only)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie Nov 27. 1 Reply

The sun was slowly setting behind the tall buildings of Evermore City, the…Continue

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''Support music everyday because there isn't a day music won't be there for you.'' -Hayley Williams

Name: Alise Wilmington 

Age: 28 years old 

Specie: Turned Vampire || Lives in the Vampire Territory.

Family: None.

Rank: Fledgling Nomad. 

Faceclaim: Hayley Williams

Build: Feminine and thin.

Height: 5'2 

Hair Colour: Orange at the moment. 

Eye Colour: Hazel.

Distinguishing Marks: A couple of tattoos.


Perfectionist | Intelligent | Adventurous. 


Shy | Pedantic | Insecure

When Alise was born, she was immediately welcomed into the Wilmington family; her parents were extremely happy that they finally had a baby girl in their small family. Alise wasn’t the only child, however she had one older brother who looked out for her more than anyone else in the family. She was purely loved in the Wilmington family and she felt safe, protected and at ease with her family.

Alise was a little bit different than the average girls in her years in school, she loves to dye her hair in bright colours like red, orange or pink. Of course, it was only temporary dye, but she loved to do play with her hair in all kinds of ways. She grew to love hair colouring and makeup, she was one of those girls who listened to more of the heavy style rock – but also the 80’s music was also her favourite.

As she reached high school, she was bullied for being different and her love for different kinds of music. She didn’t know why she was bullied for her taste, but I guess in the end, everyone has different opinions on everything. She was also dressed differently – some people call it ‘’alternative’’ style of clothing but in most cases what most teenagers use was the stereotypical name ‘’emo’’. She dressed in black and anything that she loved to wear.

She loved ripped jeans, tank tops, band tee shirts, anything that looked cool. Although, her classmates thought of her differently and no one made friends with her. She was different and that’s when she began to write her own songs about the way she felt. She wasn’t depressed of any kind, but she did feel left out and lonely most of the time.

Her grades in school were excelling and her parents were proud as well as her brother; her brother on the other hand was graduating from college very soon and it sucked that Alise didn’t have her brother in school otherwise she would have loved to hang out with him on lunch breaks.

By the age of eighteen, her parents had broken up and divorced because their love for each other didn’t exist anymore over time. Alise was off to college and had graduated from high school, choosing her music career over her family as she didn’t believe her parents cared for her anymore. She moved to New York City as she was accepted into a college over there rather than Nashville, Tennessee. She couldn’t believe that she had made it to college, she didn’t think she would.
Her older brother hasn’t been talking to her much over the past few weeks, she understood as he was very busy with his own life.

Upon arriving New York, she was amazed at how busy the city was – cars buzzing -traffic always in the way – people everywhere and even celebrities. As she started her college life; she finally made a couple of friends. Justyn and Zack, she met them in her music class. Zack played the drums and Justyn played bass. They were both good at what they did.

After a few months of knowing each other, they both formed a band – Alise on vocals, Justyn on bass, Zack on drums. Alise also played piano and guitar as well as being lead vocal. They decided as a group they would play in small pubs – the crowds started to grow since then and the pubs would be booked out to see these guys.

After a few years performing in the same pub in New York, a person from a record label company approached her and congratulated on her how popular they were getting and offered if they would like a record label for their band – so they could introduce everyone to their new style of music.

Alise was 21 years old when they finally signed their label to an international record company. Soon they would be going on tour to start their new career – Alise had to pause her studies at college as she wanted to experience this for the first time. On social media, they were getting noticed by their new style of music and fans had begun to follow them everywhere in the city.

As another 3 years had passed, their fan base had grown, and they did international tours and travelled wherever they could go; they had released 3 albums and one of them had gained a reward at a music award show. People were going crazy over their music. They continued to do what their hearts could do and eventually went on a break and went back home to their families for Christmas.
As they returned from their break and announced another headlining national tour for the states. They began to travel all around United States once again – people were selling out their headlining shows to come and see them. Their merch were being sold out and the fame was getting out of control.

At the age of 28 years old, she was performing in a small town near Colorado – the news had warned everyone to be careful as monsters were still roaming the small town and attacking anyone in their sight. She hoped that tonight wasn’t one of them. They continued to play as normal – but this night was on her birthday and the crowd had sang happy birthday to Alise.

As the song had ended and the night of the concert had ended – her mates decided that they had enough of travelling and performing. They wanted to be with their partners or children they had. She was a little bit disappointed that they didn’t want to perform anymore with her but understood. They had left her on the concert stage and she was cleaning up the performance area through the night. She was almost finished cleaning before she was approached by a dark hooded figure.

She tried not to notice him as she continued to hurry with her cleaning – the figure was getting closer towards her and that’s when she started to panic. Her heart was beating against her chest as the figure pinned Alise to a wall and leaned closer to her neck, a growl leaving the monsters mouth, ‘’mine.’’ He hissed at her before he quickly attacked her – a scream had left her lips when she felt him bite hard into her neck.

After she was bitten and drained, she was pulled into a black dark abyss until she was unable to keep awake any longer as her body went weak. The figure who had attacked her had turned her into one of the monsters the media had been talking about. The figure had taken her into the woods, so no one would find her lying on the concert area. She writhed in agony feeling as if her entire body were on fire until she could no longer take the pain, passing out completely.

She finally woke up a couple of hours later; her skin was paler, and her eyes were a red dark colour. Her throat ached and craved for something she didn’t know what – she was confused. Her senses had heightened, she could smell and hear everything from a long distance. But what was she? Was she dangerous to everyone now?

Six months had passed, and she found out what she was, she was a vampire; a monster who had turned her and nearly let her die on her birthday. She was immortal, powerful and killing innocent humans however, she loved blood too much and helped her feel calm. She then moved to a supernatural city she had heard about, moving to Evermore city, Colorado. She decided this is where she belongs, and her new life begins now… Let the adventures begin here in Evermore City…

|| Active Roleplays ||

Save me, Maybe? - On Going (Erin and Alise)

Exploring the City - On Going (Siobhan and Alise)

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At 6:25 on December 7, 2017,
✓ Rachel Rosemarie Morrison

Hey love,

I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you. I’d love to rp with you!

- Rachel

At 1:53 on November 26, 2017,
✓ Erin Sophia Brix
At 13:16 on November 24, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

We can throw ideas around :D

At 19:41 on November 19, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

I would love to start a role play with ya :) any ideas?

At 13:51 on November 15, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

It looks like Nephilim is open again :D Just a heads up cause I know you wanted that one before it was closed


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