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Something Different (Liam and Audrina)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Audrina Kensington Nov 30. 5 Replies

Liam had been on a mission to find his kids since he entered the city of Evermore,. and not long ago he'd been lucky enough to find his daughter, but Caiden however, wasn't an easy one to catch up…Continue

Troubled minds alike (LIam and Min-Ji Kim)

Started Feb 13 0 Replies

Panting, his hands shaking and the sound of his voice echoing throughout…Continue

Like father; like daughter (Liam and Aaliyah)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Aaliyah Cole ~Admin~ May 12. 7 Replies

Liam hadn't been back in the city but a couple of weeks, and already he found himself growing tired and impatient. His mission was off to an extremely slow start, and Liam knew he'd never be able to…Continue

It's a small world after all (Clarissa and Liam)

Started this discussion. Last reply by 1e5qbi285l9bp Feb 7. 5 Replies

Liam had spent his night nestled in the comfort of the dark skies above him as he ventured through a cemetery reading each and every tomb stone that he passed, occasionally making fun of some of the…Continue


Don't act like an angel, you've fallen again~

I won't let hope become a memory

Name: Liam Cole

Age: Looks 38. Real 134

Eye colour: Dark Green

Species: Instar Diviner - Dark


Son - Caiden Cole

Daughter - Aaliyah Cole

Face claim: Eric Dane

Liam Cole’s story begins over a century ago in the UK. The Coles were a family of both Fae and Necromancers. There was never animosity between the two different groups and, on the rare occasion, despite the affects it had to them, the two different factions would often meet up to reconnect. It didn’t happen often but since they were family the Coles like to stay in contact and ensure their two factions remained close-knit. Liam was one of 5 children and was the middle child. Before the age of 10, however, he had become the youngest as his two younger siblings passed away from illnesses.

From an early age Liam and his brothers were taught everything they would ever need to know about their people and their faction specifically. They were taught how it would someday be their duty to protect those weaker than them, to protect their own kind as well, and to ensure their kinds existence remained a secret from humans. The Cole brothers never attended regular public school, they learned everything they ever needed to know from a member of their faction.

Liam began to feel very secluded in his life with his family and his faction. There was a whole other world out there that he rarely ever got to see. He started to get restless, wanting more, and getting more and more resentful to his parents and even his siblings who were his best friends. He made sure to always do well in school since if he ever wanted a future in anywhere other than with his faction, an education was a very important thing. His brothers started to notice his attitude and his aloofness and tried to do what they could to help their brother feel more happy with how they were being raised. They had a great future laid out before them, they would never go without, the faction would always protect them, and they would always have family and friends.

It should have been enough for the young man but he continued to be unhappy right up until the day of his graduation from high school. He graduated early due to his attention to his education and even though his siblings were older they all completed their education at the same time. Liam was only 16 and after finishing his classes, it was decided it was time to learn combat training. All the physical activity was something that he could finally enjoy. Liam took to the combat training like he had never taken to anything before. He learned quickly and was soon one of the best fighters in the faction despite his young age. Even when he wasn’t in class he would practice by himself to improve his skills.

As his 18th birthday neared, Liam continued his rigorous training, becoming the assistant trainer and helping others learn skills within their faction. It was close to this time that a young woman joined their faction. Her entire faction had apparently been destroyed. Liam met her and everything inside him changed. His quiet, sullen, closed-off behavior disappeared. Her name was Lily and he fell in the love the first moment he saw her. She was a fair-haired blue-eyed beauty who caught the eye of everyone who met her. On the day of his 18th birthday she was with him and his family as he was claimed by the light. The family celebrated that night with a bonfire that went late into the night. That was when he kissed her for the first time.

Lily was eventually claimed by the light as well much to the joy of the rest of the faction. Most of the family and faction knew that if she had had to leave, Liam would follow and they didn’t want to lose such a valuable and strong member. As time passed, Liam eventually took over the training of members and became the Head Trainer. Over the years more and more fae began joining the coven after attacks on their own, allegedly by a faction of phoenix. There was never any actual evidence whether it was actually a faction or a group of rebels looking to stir up trouble. However with each new member Liam felt his heart growing harder and harder.

More time passed and Liam and Lily were married and soon after she became pregnant with their first child. Caiden was born in a time of turmoil, confusion, and anger but his parents did their best to create a good life for him. It was years later that Liam reached his limit. Despite their general peaceful nature, he convinced the faction to invite the Phoenix for a meeting to discuss the issue and get to the bottom of it all. What his faction didn’t know was his plan to kill the phoenix leader.

The meeting started out as good as anyone could hope. The phoenix claimed they weren’t behind the attacks and that it must be rebels. Liam didn’t believe a word they were saying. As the meeting came to an end he made his attack on the leader. Another phoenix stepped between Liam’s attack and the leader, dying almost immediately. Fighting immediately broke out and all hell broke lose. The diviners held their own and eventually the phoenix fled. Among the mess of fighting, no one had noticed what had started it all so, for now, Liam wasn’t suspected. A few days passed quietly but it wasn’t meant to last. A morning came when Liam and Lily were woken by the smell of smoke and heat on their skin. Running outside the house the pair were faced by the leader of the phoenix faction. She knew what Liam had done and made sure the gathering fae knew it as well.

Caiden was taken from them that day and there was nothing they could do about it. The faction wouldn’t help him and Lily after what he had done and there were too many phoenix for them to stop. Liam watched as his son was taken and felt his heart breaking and he knew Lily felt the same. Their bad luck wasn’t over though. The faction, disgusted at what he had done, banished him and his family. Him and Lily were forced to leave, not longer accepted into the coven and would never be again.

The pair left, travelling across Europe and settling as far away from their old home as they comfortably could. Lily was devastated. She had now had two families completely ripped away from her. She grew very quiet and depressed. Staying around their small house and rarely making trips into the small village close by. Liam didn’t know what to do anymore. Nothing he did made his wife happy and he spent so much of his time working at a local dairy farm to support him and Lily. Their life was in complete shambles and Liam didn’t know how much longer they could stay like this.

Liam came home from work one day and Lily met him at the door, a genuine smile on her face, the first he had seen in years. She was pregnant again. 9 months seemed to fly by and before the pair knew it, they were parents to a beautiful little girl and it seemed like they had finally found happiness again.

Their little girl, who they named Aaliyah quickly became the light of their life As she grew older their daughter learned about the her brother and what had happened to him and also about the faction that she was supposed to have been a part of and that that would never happen for her. They noticed their little girl slowly grow more and more quiet and temperamental. They could tell that she blamed them for the things that were missing in her life that she should have had.

Doing their best to keep their daughter happy, Liam and Lily made sure to show her pictures of her older brother and to teach her everything they could about the faction life of the fae in the hopes that maybe someday she could have that life. Aaliyah loved hearing about what her brother was like, what life with the faction was like, and her parents knew she hated that she couldn’t have that life. If their daughter had known how her life was going to end up though, she would have been happy with the small town, factionless, life she had with her parents. Their little bubble of happiness was about to come crashing down yet again.

Around the time of their daughters 12th birthday the firelords came calling again. Liam had always been so careful to keep his real identity hidden, always suspecting the phoenix wouldn’t stop with taking his son. The leader came again and, as they soon among the burning wreckage of their home, took Aaliyah. Lily was broken. She didn’t know what to do anymore and her husband was the only person around to absorb her frustrations. Their marriage became strained to the point where they didn’t even speak anymore. Lily blamed Liam for everything that had happened to them and she wasn’t wrong. He had always known he should have been a necromancer, dark inside, rather than light. He wasn’t good and he knew this now. No matter how much Liam tried to put on a happy face and pretend he could be content with a normal or good life, he couldn’t.

Eventually, Lily fell ill. Her physical and mental was so strained and exhausted from the life she had been living with Liam and she had simply given up on everything. Within a few years she had passed away, never knowing what had become of her two children or if they were even okay. Liam fell even deeper into his darkness and blamed the phoenix for everything that had happened to his family over the years.

Leaving the small village him and Lily had lived in he settled for a life of travel, taking odd jobs until he found working as a bounty hunter for the supernatural was a decent way to make money.

Years passed and Liam did many things that he shouldn’t have been proud of as a fae but not long into his bounty hunter career he did what few had done before. He performed a truly dark act and shifted from fae to necromancer. Throughout the years as he hunted he tried to gather information on the firelord and her faction. Where they were, what they were doing, all their goings-on. They were hard to track and he lost them for years at a time sometimes but he always eventually got word of them again. Liam still felt the firelord had been lying the whole time, that her faction had been the ones behind the attacks and killing of entire factions of fae and necromancers. His hatred consumed him

After losing the d’Fierro faction again for several years he got word of them again. They had taken up residence in a city in the United States called Evermore. Apparently a supernatural haven for all different species. He didn’t know if his children were still alive and, honestly, they were barely even a blip on his radar anymore. All he wanted was the destruction of the phoenix coven. His thoughts weren’t rational, it didn’t make sense anymore, but it was what he wanted. Plane ticket in hand, the necromancer headed to the US, landing days before the comet and getting himself a suite in downtown Evermore.

The comet hit and the pain was blinding. Liam had no idea what had happened but he also didn’t care. He didn’t even take note of the changes that had happened in his magic and, being alone, he didn’t notice that he was no longer affected by the presence of fae. Liam was in Evermore for one thing and one thing only…. to find the phoenix leader and end everything once and for all.

You're basically my only reason for living, that should flatter you~

I don't know much about you, yet. But I have a feeling you're gonna be one who drives this sexy grey head insane

We met in a bar, and from that moment, Ive sensed something to familiar for comfort. Could she be the one with information about my kids? Who knows? What I do know is that this young angel-child was the first person to bring Liam out of his shell  since his arrival back to Evermore, he plans on getting to know this beauty a lot more.



So far so good...

Audrina and Liam met at a bar, where both of them decided to get wasted and pour out the dark secrets of their lives., Liam is currently trying to get to know her better, deciding to see where their little run-in takes them, whether good or bad, he finds this stunning woman to be interesting.

~TBC~ Leave a comment or an inbox if you wish to have your face on my profile)

Positive: Brave - Charming - Honest

Negative: Cold - Temperamental - Manipulative


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"Liam, You're most charming man I ever met... i hope our friendship will grow in something epic, grand and special Yours Audrina"
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"Audrina smirked and took glass and drunk to down" Hmm rough..." she chuckled and touched his hand as pulled her chair closer " I am only child in family, my mother works in her own company, she is lawyer, i work there too... Hmm my…"
Nov 30

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✓ Liam Cole replied to ✓ Liam Cole's discussion Something Different (Liam and Audrina)
"From the corner of his oceanic optics, Liam noticed the smirk on the womans face, she didn't do much to hide the fact that she was interested in him, or perhaps the alcohol had finally gotten to her. Either way, they were both here to unwind…"
Nov 30

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"Audrina looked at man and smirked, he really was attractive and took care of himself, muscular body and arms, his clothes was so tight around muscles. She blushed a bit, but didn't know why? For him or for drink... " Problems at work, at…"
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✓ Liam Cole replied to ✓ Liam Cole's discussion Something Different (Liam and Audrina)
"Analyzing her, Liam could see that the woman was dstraught, and definitely not here for anything except booze. He himself felt that the weight on his shoulders was starting to crush him...Finding Aaliyah had lifted some of that weight, only for her…"
Oct 16

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"It was difficult time for her... She decided change everything, she dyed her hair, moved in new apartment and took distance from her mother. Sure she called her and talked, worked together but wasn't open with her. Audrina loved mother, but…"
Oct 15

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Something Different (Liam and Audrina)

Liam had been on a mission to find his kids since he entered the city of Evermore,. and not long ago he'd been lucky enough to find his daughter, but Caiden however, wasn't an easy one to catch up with. And if he'd had his whits about him he wouldn't have tracked Aaliyah down and confronted her the way he had.Bitterness filled the Diviner house that day, along with hatrid, and he deserved nothing less from his kids... if only they knew the truth however, A lingering sigh escaped his lips, and…See More
Oct 14

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At 21:03 on November 30, 2017,
Instar Diviner
✓ Audrina Kensington

You're most charming man I ever met... i hope our friendship will grow in something epic, grand and special

Yours Audrina
At 15:17 on November 30, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Mr. Cole if you ever wish to role play let me know 

At 12:22 on October 15, 2017,
Instar Diviner
✓ Audrina Kensington
Dear. Mr. Cole

I would love to be on your profile wall :)

With love, yours Audrina
At 11:09 on September 17, 2017,
✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

To celebrate the site turning 3 today! Thanks for being a member of ECRP and making this community a wonderful place!

At 2:32 on February 15, 2017,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Hello! Here's a note and gifts from your Secret Valentine!

Clue:- In my eyes and soul you can see the burning stars of a young girls sign, like the darkness fighting the light within your soul.

At 19:58 on February 10, 2017,
✓ Dusk Black

Yay! Thanks for Accepting my Friend Request! I hope to Rp with ya soon, and I hope we become great Friends! ^~^

At 3:56 on February 5, 2017,
Instar Diviner
✓ Aaliyah Cole ~Admin~

Well look who it very glad you've decided to return to us father dearest.

I also can't help but noticed that my face is not on your page yet. That hurts (not really but get on it).

At 10:35 on February 4, 2017,
✓ Cecilia Laterza

oooooooo daddy cole is backkkkkk~

At 19:40 on December 24, 2016,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Merry Christmas!

Love, Cornelia xx

At 13:25 on December 24, 2015,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Merry Christmas! <3

~Love, Cornelia xx


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