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"Gabriel Dimitreu"
(1007) 26 | Grant Gustin | Ailward Guard, Dark Instar Diviner

Nicknames: Not that he knows off..
Date/Place of Birth: 9th Century, Romania
Occupation: Guard
Current Residence: Evermore
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Come and get me if you can

FC: Grant Gustin
Physical Description

Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Marks: The sign of loyalty all guards have

Habits and Vices
"Option one, go about your business like a good little boy. Option two, violent disembowelment. What’s it going to be?"

Good: Heroic, Dedicated, Brave
Bad: Sarcastic, Over-Protective, Quick-Tempered

Species: Initia | Status: Immortal | Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air

Gabriel Dimitreu was born the only son of Vladimir and Ava Dimitreu, from the moment the young necromancer had been born he had been special, he was the first born of the king and queen, a royal prince whom would be raised in a castle. As he was raised Gabriel was taught all he would need to know about life, about how his family were not human at all, his father was a Phoenix, an immortal being with immense control over fire and his mother was a Necromancer who was capable of controlling magic and conjuring spells, from the moment he was born his parents knew he was to follow in his mother’s footsteps, his piercing blue eyes burned brighter than any normal child’s would have.

As he grew older Ava would teach Gabriel in the ways of magic, she showed him how he could make objects materialize and dematerialize, she showed him the basics of curses and blessings and their consequences, the young necromancer became fascinated by magic and learning how to control it, he was proud to be able to follow in his mother’s footsteps and everyone who saw him practice magic knew that he would be one of the most powerful Necromancer’s of his generation. Vladimir couldn’t teach his son anything in the ways of magic but he did ensure to train his son to become a warrior capable of defeating even the most powerful of enemies, Gabriel was trained in sword fighting, fencing and many different forms of martial arts from all corners of the globe.

When Gabriel was 14 his mother was diagnosed with an incurable disease by her doctors, the news that his mother was going to die shattered Gabriel, she had been a his role model for as long as he could remember and he needed her, needed her kind guidance and ever patient eyes watching over him. He couldn’t understand why she made the decision not to be revived and to instead to pass on, he couldn’t understand why she would want to leave him behind when their life together had barely started.

But she did and he respected her decision and didn’t try to bring her back, like his father, Gabriel became somewhat closed off from those around him after her death, he didn’t want to talk about his mother, he didn’t want to think about the pain it made him feel when he knew that he would never see her again. Gabriel took to putting up a front around those who didn’t know him well, he would appear sarcastic and sometimes even rude, but that was simply his way of not getting attached to anyone else who may leave him.

the next few years of his life were difficult for both Gabriel and Vladimir, even as young as he was he could see the amount of pain his father was going through, everything he looked at in the castle would make him wince or recoil and it didn’t come to a huge surprise when his father announced that they were going to leave, Gabriel knew it would be a hard transition to leave the only home he had ever really known and travel across the seas but he knew that he would go and that he would be safe with his father and uncle by his side. As they were about halfway into their travels they stumbled across an island in the mist which he was sure hadn’t been there a moment ago.

The island they would later learn was the Isle of Skye, a land which was protected by the most powerful of magic, the kind that could keep out anyone with ill intentions from entering and it’s inhabitants were the dragons, powerful creatures blessed by the Gods with control over elements he had never even fathomed, Gabriel was intrigued by the place, it was beautiful and the 17 year old knew in less than a year he would be fully claimed by either the light or dark, he knew that transition would be easier should be settled somewhere he could call home and somehow the Isle just felt like home.

Gabriel  had made his decision to stay with the Ailward Aspects, him, his father and his uncle would become their first members of the guard and Gabriel would train under Malva and Cora to help him learn all that was required to make his full change to either Fae or Necromancer. On the eve of his 18th birthday, the aspects and guard alike gathered around Gabriel under the moonlight in the center of the Isle and gazed up towards the moon. Gabriel could feel the power surge through him as the moon turned blood red in the sky, he had been chosen to be a Necromancer and he would follow in his mother’s footsteps and make her proud of him and his accomplishments.

After his claiming Gabriel made the decision to join the Ailward Guard officially, he got the dragon tattoo which represented the aspects tattooed on his right shoulder blade and began his real training under the watchful eye of the aspects. Gabriel naturally excelled at learning spells and would often ask Malva for any new scrolls she had written which he could practice and perfect, the young necromancer had access to spells which some would take years to learn. Gabriel’s training eventually led to him being sent out on assignments, the kind where one must intervene in conflicts which are causing imbalance in the world’s elements.

Magic gave Gabriel a connection to his mother that he needed and with time he began to open up once again, however his sarcastic front stayed with him, his father was to blame for that, the two were very similar in personality. When Vladimir eventually remarried and had another child Gabriel was happy for his father, he welcomed Illiana to the family and soon became used to having a larger family than before, Gabriel did everything he could to care for his family, he knew he would take a bullet for them if he had to.

When the Ailward Guard was dispatched to Evermore city, Gabriel was eager to get back onto the battle front and to delve his way back into his guard duties, Gabriel was good at his work and he knew it and he would continue to be good at it until he took his last breath on earth.


Vladimir Dimitreu - Father
Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu - Step-Mother

Aurelia Dimitreu - Aunt
Illiana Dimitreu - Half-Sister
Valentine Dimitreu - Cousin
Theodor Dimitreu - Uncle
Tatiana Ivakov - Cousin

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