The day seemed to be getting worse and worse with each passing second. Valentine was known for her way with technology and how she made use of them but for the first time since arriving in Evermore, her systems were down. Her base was located near the woods so calling for help was no use.. What would people think of her if she couldn't even fix the technology she, herself built? Why the time she had managed to get them up and working, the sun was already beginning to set outside and since she wasn't used to the area without light, she knew she needed to get going.

What astonished others who came across her was the mere fact that, though she was a Lycan, she didn't associate herself with the Therian faction. Instead, she lived a good distance away where she could watch them from a far, taking note of how the ambassador worked as well as keeping an eye out for any weaknesses they may hold. To her, no one was an ally, not even her fellow Guards. The only people she trusted were her flesh and blood and that would never change.

Once she finally got her computers to work, the sun had completely set outside, causing her to curse under her breath as well as her technology that had failed her for the first time in years. She opted for the only option she had left, logging out of them all and just as the quiet settled around her, her enhanced hearing perked up at the sound of foot steps not too far from her location. Her head immediately darted upwards towards the door that lead to the outside which was the empty area of the woods. What she also managed to pick up was the scent of a wolf. "Wonderful." She mumbled. No one knew where she'd set up base, where she worked and if someone suddenly did, she was basically screwed.

Valentine headed for the door and upon swinging it open, she knew the unfamiliar figure was moving closer to where she was standing. Before he could get any closer, she tossed one of her sharp daggers, the blade landing in the tree beside the unknown mans head. She never missed, that throw was simply a warning. Obviously, she wasn't in the mood to kill anyone. She gave him a false smile, playing with the other dagger she had in her grasp as she stepped outside, closing the door behind her to keep his gaze away from what was behind her. "What can I do for you? This isn't public property." She seethed.

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Val was quick when it came to getting out of the house as soon as possible, not wanting to undergo any further confrontation with her father. By the look on his face, she could tell he wanted to say more mainly because she usually did her work at home or at that little base in the Therian woods he never approved. Her running off without any explanation both confused and angered her father. The younger Dimitreu was suddenly not looking forward to facing her dad later.

She waited for him to open her door before climbing in and letting out a sigh as if it were a relief to get out of her house. "Tell me about it." She mumbled in response and just as she looked back towards her house, she saw her fathers silhouette standing in front of the window upstairs. She gave him a soft smile, one that told him everything was going to be okay to which she was rewarded with his hard expression softening, to her relief. Her dad was known to be one of the Guards who tolerated nobody. Like her, he didn't trust anyone easily and so he wasn't the nicest person so the way he responded to Dominic didn't surprise her. However, he'd always had this soft spot for his only child. She loved seeing that side of him but then again, his over protectiveness tended to get on Valentine's nerves even if he meant well.

Val settled into her seat as a silence fell over them throughout the ride into the Dhampir territory, one that thankfully wasn't awkward. She sat up as the truck pulled up to a Japanese restaurant, guessing it was the establishment he'd mentioned earlier and it was a relief to see that the area around was empty.. Who knew how worse things would get if there were actual people hanging around. She peeled her green hues away from the building to look over at him with an arched eyebrow, shaking her head in disbelief to the words he was speaking. "The fact that he betrayed you and Aureus is what I find concerning." She said as she looked back towards the building they were parked close to. "There has to be a reason behind it.." Her eyes caught sight of an unfamiliar figure coming into view and before she knew it, Dom was getting out of the truck quickly. She followed suit but stayed by the vehicle while he dealt with the man. 

From where she stood, she could still hear what was being spoken between the two and though others might've helped the defenseless human who was being held in the air, she just stood behind and watched the entire thing unfold. However, the way the other Therian shook made her believe he was close to shifting and she hoped he'd keep under control. God knows how bad things would get if a wolf suddenly appeared.

At the mention of the mans wife and child, Valentine's gaze darted towards the back doors to the restaurant once more. It made her wonder what they were actually about to get themselves into.. Her attention moved back to him as he spoke up to her, realizing he was right in front of her with his shotgun in hand. She pushed her body away from the side of the truck she'd been leaning against and crossed her arms over her chest, replying to his stern look with a blank one of her own. His constant commands were beginning to get under her skin but because she knew she'd be better off actually listening to him for once, she gave a short nod. "Okay, okay." She dropped her arms and checked to make sure the guns she'd tucked away in the back of her pants were still there. "Lead the way."

Dominic smirked at his fellow Guardsman. There was no getting around that attitude still. Though she might not get it, he only wanted to make sure she was safe and keep his silent promise to her father. Then the thought of the entire Dimitreu family coming after him crossed over his mind which made him grin even more as he started towards the door. Han took his key out and opened the back entrance which lead into the kitchen of the restaurant. Many of the workers gave them more than a curious look as the two armed Therians followed the manager through the large space. His eyes fell on the one chef who had pointed Dominic out of the back entrance before when he was on the chase for the Nephilim who had originally stolen the necklace. The man's face said he knew exactly what was about to happen.

"You'll need to get the people in the restaurant out of here," Dominic said, as they were almost to the back of the room.

Han motioned for them to stop by the wall that had the opening into the next hallway. "If I do, they will know you're coming."

Dominic sighed and took the safety off of the shotgun. "Yea, but when they hear gunfire, I don't think they'll leave in an orderly fashion either."

The man nodded and looked from him to Valentine and then to the floor. "Just.. please get my family out."

He looked at Han without saying anything, but his eyes gave a quick affirmation that they would before signaling for him to go. Dom's gaze fell on Valentine as she stood next to him against the wall one last time before pulling out the handgun with the silencer on it from his waistband. Peaking around the corner, he saw two of the men that Han said would be there at the door leading up the stairs. Dominic wasn't one for killing people. That didn't mean he hadn't done it before and more than once. He convinced himself it was necessary to save more lives of people that deserved to live in the end. He had to tell himself something... and then go drink.

Dominic turned the corner and released two bullets that quickly found their mark and put the men down on the ground. He kept the gun trained on them as he walked over to their bodies and saw no movement. Whistling softly, he indicated it was okay for Valentine to move up as he searched their bodies and found another flash grenade that he gladly took. "I imagine that will be the easiest part." He stood up and opened the door to lead upstairs.

When they ascended the stairs, he could hear the voices of the soldiers. Just as he suspected, it was a large open room that was used for storage. There were garcys, boxes, and shelving units all over the place which gave them good cover, but would also make it harder to return fire. As he came to the top of the stairs, he could see there was no one in the immediate area, so he motioned for her to go passed him and behind one of the many large stacks of wooden crates. When Valentine was safely behind cover, he started forward with his gun raised and could see there were two rooms leading off to the side. The first one he came upon was set up with the computers they no doubt pinged with Valentine's data. In the second room across from the first, he could only see a couple of the armed men, but heard a young girl crying and assumed it must be Han's family. 

Dominic walked over to Valentine and leaned against the crates. "I'm going to draw them out on the other side of the room so their gunfire is coming at me. It'll give you the chance to grab Han's family and get them downstairs." His eyes fell on hers again to see if she was ready before he stood up and walked over to the doorway with the Han family. Using his abilities, he could tell there were three men in there and four in the opposite room. It also meant the artifact wasn't here which was certainly in their favor, but still a mystery as to its whereabouts. With a deep breath, Dominic turned to face the doorway and quickly shot one of the soldiers before running to the other end of the storage room and sliding behind cover. It didn't take long for them all to come running out with guns blazing. "Good job, boys." He pulled the pin of the flash grenade and tossed it over head where it rolled in front of the men and sent a resounding boom through the space, giving him the time he needed to return fire and Valentine the chance to get the hostages. 

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