Reyes paced for what seemed like hours for nightfall, canines aching. He's irritable, and his words to the well paid staff who maintain his beautiful mansion are curt. His brown eyes have a hungry,dangerous glint to them, and his staff make sure not to bother him too much. Once night is but half an hour away, he changes into an all black outfit composed of a satin shirt that hugs his body and accentuates his strength, polished steel toed boots and form fitting jeans.

It's a change from his usual silk button down, vest, slacks and coat. His long, wavy hair has been left loose and as soon as night hits he is out of the mansion like a light. Striding with a purpose, he stalks his next meal, sarcastic commentary running in his head about what he could smell on every human's skin.

Dios mio, he curled his nose in disgust. Axe should never have been invented. Nasty. 

The Ancient had encountered many things among his years, but the chemicals in Axe made the male tempted to choke the people who wore it. He had a human friend who was very allergic to chemicals, and Axe was the worst for her.

Poor Syndi, he shook his head, eyes scanning for a decent meal. She can't get a single break from chemicals, not even from her own nietos.

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The sun had finally begun to set that night and though she tried not to show it, Genesis was becoming impatient. Her thirst for human blood had intensified the more the day went by and every now and then, she'd run her tongue over her enlarged fangs as if soothing them because soon, she'd be able to satisfy her needs.

A evil glint made its way onto her features as darkness began to set in her home and she was quick to change into the usual casual dress and matching coat, both of which stopped just below her knees. When it came to hunting her prey, Gene knew she needed to blend into the crowd and look as normal as ever.. That, however, was something that was hard to maintain when her eyes were a bloody red and the veins beneath her eyes popped out. It was obvious she was in need of a drink like she knew any other vampire was at this time.

She shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her coat and started her walk down the street after leaving her home. She had managed to fix the horrifying look on her face but her red hues decided to stay and who was she to deny them? Her enhanced sense of smell perked up as she passed humans after humans and though she loved the smell of fear on them once she fed from them, she wanted someone who smelled sweeter.. Someone who drew her in.

As she walked further, she caught the sight of someone in black clothing from head to toe. To anyone else, he probably looked like a normal bystander but she realized he was doing the exact same thing she was doing; searching for a meal. The corner of her lips curled up and she made her way to him, passing mortals with a dangerous look that had them cowering.

"Looks like I'm not the only one looking for a meal tonight." She spoke with her English accent as she approached him.

Reyes studied the British accented female with calculating red-brown eyes, tilting his head. With short, dark hair and smooth, draw-able features, she looked stunning in her casual, barely knee length dress and matching coat.

In comparison, he was almost intimidating with his satin and denim. There was an aura of ancient times about him, and the mortals did not understand that that was what made them uneasy, and so they skittered away from him. Normally, his presence was a soothing one, but tonight it was sharp as a knife.

"Si, Senorita," he agreed, licking a fang in thirst. "Hunting has become more and more of a challenge. So many meals taste artificial." He scanned the crowds of warm blooded prey again, nostrils flaring to bring in more scents. After a minute of disappointment, he turned back to her and extended his hand.

"Reyes Castillo," he purred. "Would you mind joining me in the hunt? Easier to catch prey when there's two of us."

He gave a slow smile, and an dark glimmer shone in his eyes.

Subconsciously, Genesis allowed her fingers to brush back the loose curl that'd fallen into her face, her eyes still scanning over the crowd of people as she heard him speak up. She gave a nod of agreement to his words as she took in yet another smell of their surroundings. Still, no one was catching her eye with their sweet scents just yet and though she didn't show it, she was beginning to get fed up. Going so long without being fed did so much to a Vampire and with her, her fangs tended to ache.

"Couldn't agree with you more." She mused, turning her sharp eyes back to him. "Innocents are hide to find now a days.. Most people have so much drugs in their systems, it's repulsing." The brunette said with a shake of her head. Cologne and perfume didn't have an effect on her when she was hunting but when humans had drugs still left over in their bodies, she found that disgusting.

She placed her hand in his, giving him a warm smile, one that was the opposite of the chilling one she'd give others. "Genesis Bioré." She introduced herself in return and added, "it's a pleasure to meet you."

In response to his suggestion that they hunt together, a grin crossed Genesis' features. "I would love to. I have a feeling things will go much smoothly that way."

"They most certainly are, and it gets harder and harder," he commented. "Then again, I do like a challenge. I just do not like the taste of the chemicals they put upon their skin. It's like bad pollo de picante." 

Reyes purred again, a dark rumble in his throat. "Encantado, Genesis," he replied. "I don't think I've seen you before. Are you new to the city or newly made?"

He would have said something else, but a lovely scent unadorned with chemicals wafted past his nose and he stiffened. He gave Genesis a look, one that had the red flecks in his brown eyes glowing like hot coals. He offered her his arm and tracked it casually to a tall, slender young man with pale green eyes and high cheekbones.

Walking behind the unsuspecting male he asks, in a voice only she can hear, "Would you like to compel him first?"

Genesis let out a small chuckle in response to his words. "We have a lot in common, then. Fear tastes good." The brunette vampire mused with yet another glint in her eyes. Nothing was better than feeding from a victim who was unwilling. It was the main reason she never compelled them until after she fed from them.. What was the fun in that?

As she listened to him speak, the way he spoke in Spanish was like music to her ears. Who wouldn't find a man who spoke another beautiful language attractive? Because she certainly did. Gene, however, had to keep herself from swooning so she could reply to his question. "I'm new to the city. I came all this way from London." She explained, the reason she was forced to flee her hometown coming to mind and she had to force herself not to cringe. 

The sweet scent she'd been searching for suddenly filled the air and her fangs began to throb once more. By the looks of it, he'd caught the same scent. She took the arm that was offered to her and walked beside him until they reached a tall male who's scent was becoming intoxicating the longer they stood close to him.

"Of course." Genesis let go of Reyes' arm and approached the man. He appeared to be taken back by her approaching alone and as he gazed into her eyes, he was under her command. "Come with me." She compelled and without much hesitation, he walked with her out of eyesight until the two stepped into a dark alleyway, her hand on the mans shoulders. She sent Reyes a smirk and nodded him forward..

"Si, it seems we do," he said. Reyes liked her a lot, already, and it was rare for him to like someone so quickly. Something about the female was very alluring, and her beautiful features added to it.

"Ineresante," he murmured. "I have not been in Europe for many, many decades. I wonder how changed it is." Reyes found he liked the rolling of her accent, so different from his own yet just as enchanting. Accents, Syndi had informed him, were one of the things that many Americans fell for. Something about them was enticing.

Reyes followed them at a discreet distance until all three of them were in the alleyway. The smirk Genesis sent his way made something burn in him. Dios mio, he thought to himself. This mujer, this hermosa mujer es una diabla. He prowled forwards and gently removed Genesis's hands from his shoulder, pulling him close. He tilted the male's head to the side, hungry gaze seeking out the main artery. Finding it, he placed his mouth upon the warm, clean skin and sucked the vein to bring it closer to the surface before sinking his fangs into it.

The human male moaned in ecstasy and gripped Reyes's waist. Reyes did not mind, he was not attracted to males, and he looked at Genesis the whole time he fed. why was he doing this? Even he didn't really know or care. After he had his fill, he pulled back.

A drop of blood ran down his chin, a crisp red against his tawny brown skin and he swiped a tongue at it. He motioned to the human with an elegant wave of his hand, a "Please, take your fill."

At this point, she found herself wanting to hear him speak in Spanish more, as astonishing as that may sound. The only other accent she'd heard was the American one and though it differed from the English accent she was so used to, it didn't intrigue her as much as Reyes' did.

"It's changed quite a bit throughout the centuries.." Genesis claimed. Other than the UK, she'd traveled all around Europe in order to get away from her fathers former Coven and the US appeared to be her only escape. Just thinking about London made her home sick at times but she'd get used to her new home eventually.

As the three were hidden in the darkness, she took a step away from the human to give her fellow Vampire companion a taste of his blood. She turned her attention towards the end of the alleyway in order to make sure no one passed by but even if they did, who would help? They'd be stupid to do so. Her gaze flickered back to the two and her eyes met Reyes and for some reason, she couldn't look away. Instead, she held his eyes as he fed from the mortal.

Gene waited patiently until he pulled away from the human and the drop of blood that went down his chin made her tempted to swipe it up with her thumb and lick it right off.. Instead, however, she approached the male and with a tug of his hair, he was brought down to her level. Her lips latched onto the opposite side of his neck that hadn't been fed from, sinking her fangs in and pulling blood after blood into her mouth. It ran down her throat and left her with a feeling of relief.

Once she finished, she pulled away from the human who remained propped up against the brick wall, running her tongue over her lip to get the blood that was left behind.

Genesis then forced the human to look into her eyes like he'd done early, her lips curling up into a maniacal smile as she cleaned his wounds. "You're going to walk away and not look back. Once you're gone, you'll forget any of this ever happened." She compelled and added, "Understood?" To which the male nodded. She pointed towards the end of the alley and he walked away.

She turned to Reyes with a grin. "Well, that was fun, wasn't it?"

It was apparent that the female had Alpha tendencies by the way she took charge of the whole situation. Something Reyes found attractive. 

"Si, muy divertido," he replied. "Delicious, as well." 

He flashed her a grin. The red had faded from his brown eyes, hues of honey forming around the pupils, something that occurred when he was content or had just recently fed. He fetched a leather cord from his pocket and expertly bound his shoulder length dark, reddish brown hair at the nape of his neck.

"Would you like to go someplace?"he offered her his arm once more. "I find, Senorita, that I rather like you." 

He hoped she would say yes. He wanted to know more about this lovely, dominant, alluring creature.

"Very delicious." Genesis agreed, watching momentarily as their meal walked off in the direction they came from as if nothing happened at all. Now that she was fed, her sharp teeth had retracted and her red hues returned to their normal hazel brown color. She happened to look less frightening when her thirst was satisfied, unless someone decided to get on her bad side, that is..

She gave him a warm smile when hearing his question, answering it with a soft nod of her head. "Who am I to pass such an offer up?" She took the arm he'd extended her way, her hand wrapping around his bicep. When he said that he liked her, her smile remained in place. "We have something in common." She admitted. "There's something about you that intrigues me, Reyes." 

Gene was a very closed off person so admitting that he intrigued her or that she actually liked him was new. Getting close to people was something she hated doing, mainly because she'd grown up with a father who despised her and not even knowing who her mother even was.

"I am very glad to hear that," he replied, a smile upon his lips. "Where would you like to go, hermosa? You may ask anything of me that you like, along the way." The way she spoke delighted him, for it was obvious how intelligent and well learned she was. Not to mention he enjoyed the way her accent shaped her words, and her voice was lovely to him.

Soft and velvety. Her skin, while as cool as his, felt warm to him. He could feel it through the black satin of his shirt. Sneaking a glance at her profile he was struck by how beautiful she was, mentally noting that she was definitely a drawing subject his mortal friend, Grace, would beg to draw.

The chica was always looking for beautiful people to draw, and it was good fortune for her that she lived in a city where beautiful people abounded. One of his fondest memories of her was when they'd first met. She'd seen him at an art gallery of all things and very boldly approached him with a request that he model for her.

She'd traveled most of the world before landing in Evermore city and as she did, Genesis was lucky enough to learn a few languages along the way and Spanish was one of them. If she hadn't, she would probably be completely oblivious to what he was saying to her. However, she wouldn't complain. Hearing him speak another language would make any female swoon.

"Be prepared, then." The brunette mused as the two began to walk away from the alleyway, further into the clearing ahead. "I may or may not have a few questions up my sleeve." Genesis gave a nonchalant shrug, throwing him a grin. "Same goes for you though. Ask me whatever you'd like." Honesty was key when it came to her and since she expected that from others, she made sure she was the same unless, however, she needed to lie in order to get out of a certain situation.

Genesis' eyes trailed on the sidewalk in front of them then with each step they took. "You seem much more composed than a turned vampire would be so my guess is you're blooded, yes?" She questioned, already knowing the answer to that. "You must be more familiar with this town than I have yet to be." She commented, letting her eyes wonder on the scenery.

“Preparation can never truly prepare you for whatever happens,” he replied with a serious tone, mind flashing back to all the wars and battles he’d lived through. “And believe me, hermosa, I will ask, but never pry. You never need to go any deeper than you want to.”

He almost purred at her compliment but smiled instead.

“You are very observant, senorita,” he said. “Such a trait will help you live a long time. Si, I was born into our race.” His eyes scanned the crowds, noting certain things, smiling at a cute child in a stroller who looked at him with wide eyes. Infants were often fascinated by him.

“I suppose I am,” he said. “I’ve lived here for years. Speaking of which, I know women consider it a rude question to ask, but how old are you?” She seemed rather young to him but then again many people did.

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