Reyes paced for what seemed like hours for nightfall, canines aching. He's irritable, and his words to the well paid staff who maintain his beautiful mansion are curt. His brown eyes have a hungry,dangerous glint to them, and his staff make sure not to bother him too much. Once night is but half an hour away, he changes into an all black outfit composed of a satin shirt that hugs his body and accentuates his strength, polished steel toed boots and form fitting jeans.

It's a change from his usual silk button down, vest, slacks and coat. His long, wavy hair has been left loose and as soon as night hits he is out of the mansion like a light. Striding with a purpose, he stalks his next meal, sarcastic commentary running in his head about what he could smell on every human's skin.

Dios mio, he curled his nose in disgust. Axe should never have been invented. Nasty. 

The Ancient had encountered many things among his years, but the chemicals in Axe made the male tempted to choke the people who wore it. He had a human friend who was very allergic to chemicals, and Axe was the worst for her.

Poor Syndi, he shook his head, eyes scanning for a decent meal. She can't get a single break from chemicals, not even from her own nietos.

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Genesis took in the serious expression that crossed his features and pursed her lips for a moment. Her curiosity suddenly peaked and she suddenly wondered what thoughts were running through his mind.. The look on his face told her enough, however, to keep her from prying any further. She then smiled softly in response to his words. "Believe when I say you can do as much prying as you want. I have nothing to hide." And that was entirely the truth because she was an open book.

The smile remained in place as he confirmed her thoughts. Gene could tell if a vampire was born or blooded by the way they moved, talked.. It was one of her many amazing traits. "I've become more and more observant throughout the years. Some people find it quite annoying." She mused.

A soft chuckle escaped Genesis' lips at his mention of women not liking being asked about their age because it was 100% true when it came to humans. Vampire females were probably the opposite; she was, at least. "Well, in human years, I'm 30." She felt blessed to be able to look as young as she did for the centuries that had past. "In vampire years, however, I'm 3,056. Pretty old, hm?" She arched a brow at him.

He laughed in response to her words. 

"I can imagine that some people may feel that way," he said. "The truth often hurts and many would rather have it sugar coated." He liked her a lot. Her humor and wit was razor sharp and he found it refreshing.

"Ah, señorita," he chuckled. "3,056 is nothing. Try being fifty nine centuries old."

(sorry for the short post. Mobile version is a pain.)

She shrugged nonchalantly without a single care in the world if people got hurt by her words. Genesis never sugar coated anything. It was just a part of her personality. "Well, they'll have to just get used to it, won't they? I like speaking my mind. I often mind it entertaining when someone gets angry with me." The brunette snickered.

She arched a brow at him when he spoke of what she guessed was his age. That was just what immortality did to a person, it kept them young and it seemed to do Reyes as much justice as it did her. "You're right, fifty nine centuries is very old." Genesis teased him.

// It's alright. I get how difficult mobile makes things

He smiled at her. He found her evil snicker amusing, and was grateful that she was one of the few who would tell you straight facts, not made up fantasy or what she believed was the truth.

"Si, they will," he agreed. "I don't doubt you do. You seem the type to be amused by the foolishness of people who are usually very intelligent." He knew he found such things amusing. Though he could only take so much foolery before he got fed up.

"I find I would only laugh for so long," he admitted. "I've found that I can be quite temperamental."

He liked her teasing, he decided. Mirth lit up her pretty features very well. Besides, who else other than the D'Angelo brothers and Senorita Ravenwood, teased him? Certainly not Senor Ashworth.

"I am a very old man," he laughed. "Though I do not claim to be wise. I have more common sense than most, maybe."

Genesis laughed, softly in response to his words. "Idiots amuse me more than anything. I guess that's why I don't get along with many people." She said, again without care. She could be annoying when she wanted to but when someone was being that way with her, it would probably anger her with her short-tempered attitude.

"I have a feeling I won't be able to tease you too much, then." She commented. Certain people she knew not to provoke like she did with humans.She smiled over at him. "I don't think any of us are very wise." She said with a shrug. "You and I may just have the same amount of common sense.. Who knows." 

"What brings you to America, anyways?" She questioned out of curiously. "You're obviously not from here, right?"

Reyes had ended up leading them to the tree dotted park and he sat down on a bench beneath a shady cedar tree. He loved the scent of cedar, and so took deep breaths to fill his nose with it.

"Ah, senorita," he replied easily. "I will let you know when your teasing goes to far or strikes a nerve, worry not." He didn't want her to walk on eggshells with him. He hated that.

"Who knows," he echoed her, nodding his head.

"I am not from here, no," he agreed. "I came on one of the first ships here in the 1400's because i'd already seen pretty much all of Europe and I wanted to explore. I also came here because my cousins Siera and Rodolpho were separated from me. Sierra by marriage, and Rodolpho because he got an offer to be head trainer at a very prominent family's house."

"What about you, hermosa?" he questioned, turning to look at her with warm eyes.

Genesis tilted her head up when they started to come to a stop, taking in the park and smiling a little when she noticed a few children playing at the playground not too far away. Sure, she was ruthless when she wanted to be but kids were just too adorable to scare.. Unless they were brats, that is. She let go of his arm before sitting beside him, turning her body so it faced him as they spoke.

"Good, I wouldn't want to go too far with my teasing. Hopefully I don't." If she'd ever felt like she couldn't be herself around someone, she wouldn't be around them in the first place and the only person she'd ever been uncomfortable around was her father who she only knew as her sperm donor..

Gene nodded, slightly when he confirmed her suspicions of him not being from around town. Her guess was obviously spot on. She gave him a soft smile when he not only mentioned exploring Europe but also because of his family. Having a family must've been nice, she wouldn't really know. "Just like me. I couldn't stay in one place, I needed to see all of Europe." She mused. "Are your cousins still alive?" She asked.

"I spent my life traveling and exploring, as well but once I found out about Evermore, I just had to see it for myself." She had a fond smile on her lips as she looked around before her eyes landed on him again. "I loved London but my father took me away from my mother and treated me like nothing so I had to get away." She said, leaving out the rest of the sole reason as to why she had to leave Europe all together. The only other person who knew about her past was the King, himself.

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