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Hi, my name is (Character Name), I get told I look a lot like (Face Claim Name) but I really don't see it. I am played by (Player Name). I am part of the (Faction Name) Faction and I am a very (personality trait) person. 

Feel free to add your own little quirks to the template too!

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Hey there strangers! My name is Adalinda Dyllann Schuster, but you can call me Dyllann or whatever varying nickname you deem appropriate. I will more than likely reply to anything if I know you're aiming whatever you're saying, towards me. 

I get told I look like Emeraude Toubia or whatever FC I have when you're currently reading this, but I don't really see it. Honestly, I look like a potato compared to her. I'm part of the Dhampir faction and I possess a steel-tipped whip, so don't double-cross me. ;)

I'm a very stubborn person but, I tend to make up for it in cheekiness and loyalty. If this doesn't make you want to get to know my meme self then I don't know what will! :p

I'm always up for a chat and a good whine, so don't be afraid to PC me. You're never going to annoy me or bother me by doing so. Just in case you were afraid of hitting me up for those reasons. I'll talk about anything except for one thing, which I'm not going to state here, 'cause where's the fun in that? ^-^ (Only one person has ever guessed correctly what that one thing is.

I also hate being silent so really you're doing me a favour by talking to me. Maybe we'll even get around to starting a RP :) and if you don't know what to even say to me after the small talk then offering to RP is always a great option that will never go astray. 

Ciao, from the Italian-Irish person that plays Dyllann and hopefully other roles in the future. x) (P.S. I can't actually speak Italian which makes it awkward at family reunions and a very unproud grandmother. Just in case you were going to try to speak in Italian to me.)  

Hi, my name is Benjamin Vaughn, I get told I look a lot like Henry Cavill but I really don't see it.. Honestly, I'm way better looking than that guy. (; I am played by Summer. I am part of the Human Faction and I am both an arrogant and courageous person so beware.

Hi, my name is Siobhan Xapham Leslie, I get told I look a lot like Lili Reinhart but I really don't see it. I am played by Lindsay. I am part of the Nephilim Faction and I am a very shy person.  I am open to role plays so please feel free to get a hold of me to start one :)

Hi, my name is Katrina O'Sullivan, I get told I look a lot like the sexy and beautiful Caitriona Balfe but I really don't see it. I am played by the-not-so-famous-author Elisabeth (Lisa). I am part of the Celestial Faction and I am a very bubbly person sometimes. 

Hi, my name is (Jadis Anderson), I get told I look a lot like Rihanna  but I really don't see it. I am played by Zara ^.^ . I am part of the Initia Faction and I am a very loyal  person. Looking forward to roleplaying with you all :D

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