Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)

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Siobhan stood there for a moment longer before she felt inside of her the way to go. "This way." she said as she began to walk back through the woods she was using her tracking skills to follow the broken twigs, a foot step every now and then, and what she remembered from the night before.  She placed her hands on the strap of the bag and kept her eyes looking around from the ground to around her following the path. "Honestly, I am not sure why anyone would target me our my family not unless there is a reason I was being hidden." she said softly "My parents would never let me out of their sights, They knew my brother would go to the city but when I asked to or tired to sneak out, the would tell me it isn't safe for me to be there." She said as she stopped in the middle of the woods looking booth ways before turning a sharp left and continued to walk.

She had been wondering if her parents knew of her blood line, why they didn't seem to be life her nor her brother, many thoughts swirled in her head the last few months until she finally stopped asking questions to the thin air around her. "My family didn't seem to be like me, maybe they knew what I was and wanted to keep me safe, maybe they just truly enjoyed being nomads. I have no clue and right now my father and brother are dead and well my mother and I we don't talk." she said looking to her scarred palms before stopping and turning right. "I am trying to find a new life and yet part of me misses this." she said as she paused and looked down to a spot on the ground longingly "Not much further now, this is where I found my brother and father." she said looking up to the tree she had marked that night. "the night a part of me died." she said out loud not meaning to before she turned and kept walking "I just feel like I am floating along trying to keep my head above water being in the city." she said looking over to him. "Last night was the first night I truly felt I belonged." she said as she looked to the small camp area she had sat up. Most people would bring a tent, she built a small shelter that was crafted beautiful for a makeshift shelter. 

She walked over to it jumping over inside and grabbed her bag and pulled out her cellphone seeing there was no bars she sighed "What are the point of these things?" she asked more to herself then him as she dug around in the bag and pulled out the satellite phone Isaac gave her to take along just in case. She punched in his number and held the phone to her ear. She sat on the ground as she went through her bag making sure everything was there pulling out a blade and stuffing it in her boot "Isaac?" she said as he answered the phone. "Yes, Yes I am fine just kind of got hurt but a nice man came and helped me heal up." she held the phone from her ear as he screamed and she sighed and put it back to her ear "Listen I am fine but I don't know when I will be coming back, I need to clear my head a little." the long pause stretched out as she waited for him to talk before she nodded "I will call you later tonight, Promise." She said as she stood up pulling the bag on her shoulder "Besides you couldn't find me if you wanted too, I am the woods, you are the city remember." she smiled softly "Talk to you later." she said as she hung up and shoved the phone back in the bag and she tossed it over. She walked back over pulling her belt down that had a gun strapped to it on one hip and a knife on the other and she jumped back over "Now were are we going to train wolfy?"

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