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Samira looked at the time on her phone, it read 8:03 PM. She was standing in the middle of nowhere basically, waiting for her boss to arrive with the party supplies. The path had been lit up with glow in the dark rocks, and she had hoped that they’d last the entire night but she couldn’t say for sure. Ever since she had attended the Black Widow Gala event, Samira had been wanting to host a party of her own, and tonight was that night. Where she didn’t have many contacts in her phone yet, she decided to make some flyers and post around the city in various shops, and then sent out text invites to those she did have. Finally her boss arrived with the party supplies. There were beer kegs, wine bottles, other various alcoholic beverages, water, and various sodas to choose from. For food, there were various flavors of chips, with various flavors of dip, everything needed for s'mores, with extra marshmallows for those who just wanted to roast marshmallows.

Her boss told her that he was unable to stay for the party, he had some things to take care of at home. Instead of leaving everything in the dump of his truck, her boss had brought some folding tables with him to put everything on. Once all of the food and beverages were unloaded, her boss then unloaded the bundles of firewood. Surely there would be leftovers by the end of the night, but Samira wanted to make sure that she was well prepared. After everything was offloaded from the truck, Samira began setting up the firepit. Placing rocks around in a circle to mark the fireplace, she placed the firewood in the area in the shape of a teepee to give the fire breathing room. Once the firewood was in place, she began striking matches to try and light the fire. “Come On. Light Already” she said aloud, her tone filled with frustration. Finally the match lit, and she got the fire going. Now all that was left was to wait for the party people to show up.

While she waited, Samira picked up her guitar and looked up and the starry sky which now held an orange ambience from the fire. “Well I might as well keep myself entertained while I wait” she said with a smile as she began strumming her guitar. As the tune echoed through the night sky, the young brunette began to sing aloud. Her song of choice was one of her original songs from back in her days of performing, ‘Say You Love Me’. Even though it was a love song, Samira didn’t mind, and she just began to sing as if she was back on the big stage with a crowd of fans around her.

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Avery nearly bounced in happiness, after all the other brunette seemed rather closed off and Avery had very intention of changing that. Tonight wasn’t a night to worry about boundaries or sensibility, it was about having fun and Avery was definitely having fun. Maybe it the liquor flowing through her system but more than likely it was the simple fact she didn’t have to think of the next big story and she didn’t have to be in investigative journalist mode. Sure there were small things she was locking away in her memory to be looked into later but for tonight it wasn’t of any great importance!

“Oh honey I fully intend to!” Moving to the table she grabbed the bottle of tequila which she’d already been using throughout the night. Pouring some in the plastic cup she moved her hand around finding the bottle of Malibu and poured some in as well, next was a bit of orange-pineapple juice and a bit of citrus vodka. Finding the Midori she added that as well along with some ice and spun it around in the glass. “Can I see this? Thanks.” She said snagging Samira’s bottle and adding a bit of that as well.

Portioning the concoction into two cups she walked over handing one to Alva and keeping the other. “To a night of merriment, May we not remember it tomorrow!” Tapping her glass against Alva’s she easily gulped down the fruity mixture of alcohol. Now that drink would loosen anyone up.

Alva watched the girl bounce in happiness, her eyebrows raising slightly in surprise, a little smile on her lips as she watched the girl with a small laugh escaping her parted lips. She was so excited and the celestial didn't understand how someone could get this thrilled over a game and drinking, but Alva just went with it, trying to match her enthusiasm as best she could. She clapped her hands a bit and smiled wide, amused by the girl and her intoxicated shenanigans. " This is very thrilling for isn't it?.. "

Alva nodded and looked down taking a deep breath following the girl the table of beverages and foods, her voice low and as she folded her hands together observing the girls hands create things with the liquids. " Oh i do not have any doubt about that... " The stars face twisted in distaste and she groaned a bit, turning away she could feel her stomach turn just knowing she was not going to like it one bit, earlier she nearly spit out the liquid like a fountain when she tried what Sebastian called beer. And seeing all the various things the girl put in the cup was not a pleasant view.

Placing her hands on her hips the fallen star looked to the girl when she approached her, taking the cup looking at the oddly colored liquid and frowned. " Oh what have gotten myself into.. " she whispered before looking up at the girl meeting her gaze. Her toast made Alva scoff in surprise. " Uh... Sure, A night of merriment.... " She nodded and wet her lips before bringing the cups brim to her lips and began drinking with furrowed brows trying to drink it down as fast as she could. Drinking to the last drop Alva dropped her cup and swallowed the big gulp of liquid and let out a huff of air. " Oh heavens... Okay, that was very pungent... " She shook her head and looked around for the next person to take her place.

Alva looked around the fire before her brown eyes settled on the hostess thinking it over before she looked to Carter and pursed her lips, pointing at the man. " You there... Truth or Dare?... "

Carter had watched the exchange between Alva and Avery and he was just glad the annoying and intrusive gossip journalist had selected someone other than him. The architect felt bad for the woman who had unwittingly come to this event. There had been clear discomfort a few times but she had completed her dare which was surprising thought the real surprise was that fact that Avery gave her such a small dare in comparison to how she had been playing the games the rest of the night.

Now that it was her turn to be in charge of the game it took the woman a minute to decide who would be next. Her eyes seemed to move over a few people before they landed on him. Apparently Alva already forgot his name as she pointed to him. Being more of the observant type, Carter was surprised to have been called on already. “Truth.” His answer was a quick one, he might complete a dare later on but truth was easy and it meant he didn’t have to be a man of action.

It would quick enough to answer a question, call on someone else and ask them the same. Then he could go back to just observing the game once more, learning and saving the information he would learn for later. 

Alva maintained eye contact with male who looked back at her, she picked him due to the silence he had, one she was familiar with, plus he seemed less enthused then the others who were at this is little party of sorts. So the celestial knew that if she picked him he would be quick to want to get it over with, and as she predicted his answer was point blank. But it stumped her, she knew nothing to ask him, she didn't want to pry to much into his life but by the looks of this game and the toxic beverage she just drank dry circling through her veins made her think she was supposed to push boundaries. Taking a age from Avery's book the star born brunette shook her head apologetically before clearing her throat and furrowing her eyebrows, her dark eyes glancing to the right Alva made up a question. " Alright... " 

She met Carter's gaze with crossed arms. " When was the last time you where caught in a lie? " Alva pursed her lips after she blurted out her question. The celestial shifted her weight staying put over by the beverage table, she was never one to put her nose where it didn't belong and intruding on someone else's personal life and secrets was not something she was fond of, and it was evident on her face and the way she stood. Alva began to regret picking this game to play and the sound of more of that deadly concoction she just drank sounded more better and better.

The two shared a very intense stare down and Carter was unsure what to expect. It was just a truth, he could handle a truth since it was easier than following a dare even if it would be tamer than anything the overly intoxicated brunette could come up with. Carter went for safe more than fun so he was never going to be the life of the party but those days were long behind him. The young architect wasn’t used to being the center of attention and rather uncomfortable with it, being over looked was a part of his job and it suited him.

Waiting for what the young lady might ask he was beginning to grow a little anxious which was not a good thing. Hearing Alva’s question he was quiet for a moment having to actively think on the answer. “The last time I was caught in a lie was when my engagement ended. Getting caught lying about your job and working late doesn’t win you any points or a chance to explain.” It sounded worse than it was since he was doing his job just not the one he could explain to her.

Walking over near Alva he decided it was time for a drink. Pouring a beer he brought the plastic cup up to his lips looking around the circle. “Truth or dare Samira?” He said not adding any additional thought to his truthful answer and moving on as fast as possible.

Samira was kind of surprised that she hadn’t been picked by the journalist, but was relieved when she wasn’t. Avery kind of scared the young brunette, mostly because she knew the right type of questions to ask to get you to open up about almost anything. The game of Never Have I Ever revealed quite a bit more than she had intended to let out at this point in time, but what’s done is done and can’t be undone. All she could now was hope it ended there. The more time that passed, her mind struggled with the 50-50 decision that she had to make soon enough, Truth or Dare. Given her current state, and the amount of alcohol that she consumed, she felt that it would be irresponsible to challenge a dare.

When Carter asked her the question she had been awaiting, Samira looked at him and smiled sweetly. “That’ll be truth Carter” she replied in a slightly sluggish tone. It was rather evident the amount of alcohol she consumed, but that wasn’t going to stop her from continuing to host the party that she had put together. The most she had to worry about now, would be the truth that she would have to respond to. She knew from the beginning of the night that she could have lied to keep the truth hidden from everyone, but that wasn’t the type of person she believed herself to be. Samira wanted to believe that despite her secrets, she was a rather honest person at heart.

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