Sariah had buried her head in her work for the most part of the early hour she had arrived at work, she liked to show up before the masses of the organization arrived so she could wander the building if she felt the need without getting interrupted or stopped, as much as Sariah appriciated the work that the people around her were doing, they did need her input and thoughts fairly often. This morning however Sariah found herself lost in paperwork, because today was the day they finally got in a new recruit.

The blonde had to admit that she had been doubtful about Samira's potential at first, especially because Sariah had suspicions that the young girl had far more complicated a past than she wanted to admit but Sebastian had convinced the human ambassador to give her a shot. Knowing how much that a job like this had meant to her after her trainwreck of college years, she had reluctantly agreed with the condition that Bash take care of her training and guidance in the lead up to her entrance tests.

Today however would be the day she welcomed Samira as a new recruit to the organization. Sariah, dressed in her usual smart attire of a green dress, paired with pumps and her usual ponytail hairstyle tended to stick out around the halls of the organization. The fighters tended to dress in looser fitting clothing when they were training on base and they wore armored special agent gear when out on missions while the scientists tended to be dressed in lab coats. Sariah took pride in her look however, she wanted the organization to give off a professional vibe and she and Violet were the faces of the organization. 

As the blonde's clicking heels finally reached the lobby of the main entrance to the building she swiped her pass as she walked through the gate and she looked around for a moment before spotting the raven haired girl she had met at the bonfire. "Samira" she had spoken in a greeting before crossing the distance and holding out her hand "Welcome to the organization" she said the words proudly as she met the other woman's gaze.

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Bash chuckled softly in response to her words about being clumsy, he knew that feeling well. "When I first started working here, I bought a drink out of one of the vending machines and it got stuck" he shook his head a little with a grin, he may have been intelligent when it came to people and communication but he wasn't the brightest when it came to things like common sense. "Well the determined person in me decided the best course of action was to shake the thing until the bottle came loose" he laughed gently and shrugged "It went about as badly as you can imagine" he was sure they were gonna fire him for that but instead it had become the laugh of the week and the machine had been fixed a few days later.

Bash allowed a warm smile to cross his features, he was lucky to have been pulled into the arms of the organization when he had been, something about his work here had help him recover a little from a really hard time in his left and he suspected Samira was experiencing a hard time of her own, if he could help her to feel stronger and more confident about herself before her time at the organization was through then he would feel accomplished.  "I'll be holding you to that promise" he notified her as they continued to walk. When her footsteps came to a stop he also halted for a moment a confused expression crossing his features for a moment before he cracked a half smile in response to her concern, wondering what exactly she was trying to hide from the world. "Don't worry, they have far better things to do than stalk the background of their colleagues" he assured her, he knew Sariah would have already have run a background check on Samira and everyone trusted Sariah's judgement, no one was going to ask questions behind the ambassador's back. 

As Bash watched Samira with her new colleagues he could tell almost instantly that she was out of her comfort zone, the little things were obvious, like the way she fiddled with her hair to distract herself. He had to however commend her effort to not run in the other direction, it was in a way the first test she had been given and it was one he knew well, Bash had always been natural around people and so it was easy for him to spot when someone was in their element around others and when they weren't. "Not bad at all" he commented with a smirk "The best way to deal with nerves around people I've found is to focus yourself on your body language, try and smile if you can" he shrugged gently, she definitely wasn't going to choose the recruitment department as her main work area, he knew that already.

"How does coffee sound?" he asked with a raised brow as her lead her back down the corridor they had come from and then to the right where the floor plan expanded into a open space area with several chairs and tables as well as bean bags and a TV and games console. Along the far wall was a sink, dishwasher, microwave, toaster and coffee machine, as well as some fruit in a bowl and some cookies in glass jars along the counter top. "This is one of the main break rooms and the only area folks can really go while they are taking a break from the intelligence department or the science labs which are down that way" he raised a hand to show her the general direction he was talking about. 

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